This rear patio garden was the only area on the long-narrow corner lot which could be developed as private space for the clients and their two small children. Large deciduous oaks shaded most of the area, existing concrete paving had been heaved by the roots of the tree, and there was little area open to planting. We chose to repave the area with brick on sand (permeable paving prevented extensive damage to the tree roots)and chose a FORMAL, box-edged style for one end, and a slightly looser but still formal layout for the other. Thought was given to creation of pathways for the CHILDREN and their tricycles, a sandbox and small turf area located in the only sunny spot, and a rose-covered arbor covered an area set aside for a rocking chair. Animal topiaries were chosen by the 4 year old, and planted with small-leaved ivy. The more adult end of the garden featured a pottery-flanked bench on center with veiw from the formal dining room. The whole area was connected with the repitition of 3 vine-covered arbors.

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