Garden Consultation and Coaching

Not every potential client has the funds to contract for a full service Master Plan, which is likely to be in the range of 20-30 hours, or more if the site is very large. Mitzi also provides short term garden consultation services to identify plants in the garden, discuss horticultural practices, suggest areas of the garden that might be developed further, and how to implement those changes. A visit like this might take 1-2 hours on site, and then be followed up with a package of mailed handouts, rough sketches, and/or plant lists. The entire process might take as little as 4-6 hours. This would not produce the same sort of “to scale” plan as described under the Master Planning page, but could give suggestions for the general size and location of patio or seating areas, rough layout of garden beds, copied images relating to style and structure, and suggested plant lists and methods of bed preparation.

Garden coaching is provided by continued follow-up phone calls and on-site visits to assess the progress and health of the garden. Revisions in the short or long term plan can be made by discussion and finally decision making by designer and client.


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