Master Planning

Initial visits related to a Master Plan are free of charge. Following the first visit, a proposal (estimating hours and fees for the project) will be prepared at the client's request. If accepted, a retainer of 10-15% of the fees will be required at that time. Several visits will take place to measure and photograph the site as well as to share books and ideas with the client. Then, a Preliminary or Conceptual Plan will be presented. Once approved by the client, the next phase is to produce a Master Plan. This Master Plan provides the necessary information (Layout Plan, Planting Plan, and other necessary Design Development Drawings), which allows the contractor to build the project. Mitzi prefers to follow the design through the installation phase, providing construction facilitation billed on an hourly basis. Likely times for the designer to be on site in this phase are to approve layout, to make decisions on any plant substitutions, and then to assist with final plant placement.


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