"Thank you for an outstanding landscape plan! It was just the help I needed to make all my landscape needs and wants fit together in a workable way that suits my house and setting. I am also appreciative of the time you’ve spent training my gardener Tonya. With your help she is not able to keep the garden healthy and growing. I have received so many compliments on the way the yard and gardens look now. You're the best!"

Geoff Connor,
Bastrop, TX

It has been a delight to work with Mitzi VanSant of The Fragrant Garden. She created a plan for our garden that incorporated all of our "must-haves" and also many of our "wish-fors." But she didn't just drop off a blueprint and disappear! Mitzi has been available to us for ongoing consultation as we have begun implementing that master plan in stages. She has helped us cope with the unexpected (rock fence falling down, drainage problems) with practical solutions, and when we have been unable to adhere to the plan precisely, she has advocated flexibility and advised us on alternatives. We now think of Mitzi as our ongoing garden consultant, and we're glad she will be around to advise us as our garden grows and changes.

Nancy & Carlos Puentes,
Austin, TX

I met Mitzi VanSant “over the fence” one summer afternoon. Soon we were discussing a garden re-do of my daughters yard. It was a wonderful experience for both my daughter and me. Mitzi is very knowledgeable about plants suited for a particular area. I was interested in a natural looking garden and one that would not be high maintenance. I also wanted evergreens, flowers and vines along with shrubs and roses. We also wanted Mitzi to redo and add flower beds. All of our wishes were answered. The redo has gone through a very wet year and now a very dry one, and the plants are doing well.

Mitzi has been a real pleasure to work with. She stayed calm through it all and was always available to answer questions or concerns. It has been two years and I still would not hesitate to ask Mitzi a question about the garden.

Mitzi was also a guest on our local PBS channel on the show Central Texas Gardener. She talked about Period Garden Design and used my daughter’s home as an example. She does her homework when she designs!

Happy garden clients,
Gina and Earline Rossi
Smithville, Texas

Designer meets designer
I met Mitzi soon after she moved to Portland and was starting her business here. A mutual friend referred her to me for some graphic design work. I designed a brochure, business card and stationery for her business. Designing Mitzi's brochure was one of the most delightful professional experiences I have had. She communicated very clearly what her vision was and was open to my ideas. I'm really proud of that piece.

A few years later when my husband and I decided we needed to get our large yard and garden under control, and more usable, I immediately thought of Mitzi. She would be just the person to redesign it. Mitzi spent a lot of time gathering information from us, helping us focus on our needs and expectations and the limitations of our space before she ever began the design process. She addressed my desire to clean up the visual clutter of tool shed, woodpiles and compost bins, while respecting my husband's need to have tools and materials and woodpiles and compost bins accessible and easy to use. She recommended plants that would flourish in our very shady yard and helped us to visualize new ways of using the space. The result was a garden that really felt like ours and not something imposed upon us, but not something we could have come up with on our own.

The garden has been a joy and a haven of peace and calm. Mitzi's detailed plans and plant lists have been our guide and are well-worn at this point from steady use. I love the fact that while the garden looks like so much more than we had before, the maintenance is actually less and more efficient. Just as I strive for a beautiful graphic design that really works for my client's business needs, Mitzi always considers functionality an integral part of her beautiful landscapes.

I hated to see Mitzi leave Portland—it was Texas' good fortune, for sure! What good experiences we had working together. She's a wonderful designer and now a friend, as well.

Terry Grant, Graphic Designer
Portland, Oregon

The myriad of compliments I have received on my garden, including literally hundreds from passers-by I’ve never met, serve as a testament to Mitzi’s skill as a garden artist.

Brenda Beckett
Menlo Park, California

Four years ago we hired Mitzi VanSant to help us transform the yard of our suburban Menlo Park home into a real garden. We were very pleased with the results, and each month of the year brings new surprises and enjoyment.

Two years later, we acquired another home in Pebble Beach, California with over two acres of grounds. Naturally, we turned to Mitzi for help. This new house and property was quite different in style and situation than our Menlo Park garden. Her success in bringing beauty into both illustrates the range of Mitzi’s abilities. Though the design problems and solutions were very different, her dedication and attention to detail were always the same.

Patrick and Ginger Connolly,
Menlo Park, California

It was not always ”easy” working with Mitzi on the design of our garden. She made us do homework, pouring over books to develop and understanding of our own personal style, and to learn our tastes in color and plant materials. The resulting education was well worth it, however, and the garden we created together grows more lovely each year.

Susan Beltramo,
English Department Chair
Menlo Park, California


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