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Greenworks 16 inch Corded Electric Mower


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Black and Decker 15 inch Corded Electric Mower


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Greenworks 20 Inch Electric Corded Mower


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Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower


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Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower

Let’s face it, mowing the lawn doesn’t have a place on most people’s lists of favorite things to do, and what makes the problem worse is lugging around a cumbersome and loud lawnmower through the grass.

If you have a small to medium size yard and are looking for an easier option that makes this chore simpler, a corded electric lawn mower might be right up your alley.

Electric lawn mower corded models operate with the use of electricity, and although you have to carry around a cord with a constant source of power, they come with plenty of benefits.

They’re small, efficient, and whisper quiet, all the way making short work of cutting the grass and ensuring your lawn stays healthy and vibrant.

What is the best corded electric lawn mower on the market?

That depends on your lawn and what you’re looking for from a lawnmower, so consider your own requirements first. You’ll need one that is powerful, with a good cutting width, and easy to maneuver, so that the dreaded task of mowing the lawn no longer seems like such a pain.

When you want to make lawn maintenance a little more low key, a switch to one of the best corded electric lawn mower models is the way to do it. With our help, you’ll be able to change the way you mow forever and find that it’s never been easier or more enjoyable to cut the grass.

Shopping for a new lawnmower can be overwhelming when you get a look at how many different models and specs are on offer.

If your search is for the electric kind though, you’re in luck, and we’ve compiled the best corded electric lawn mower reviews to choose from, guaranteeing you one that’s been tried and tested before with great satisfaction.

Winner: Greenworks 16 inch Corded Electric Mower
  • Cutting Area: 16 inch
  • Power: 10Amp
  • Weight: 48lbs

There’s no need to give up on the extras when you switch to an electric lawn mower, and Greenworks has proven just that with their 16-inch model.

This powerful and compact little lawnmower is more capable than you realize at first glance, with a 10 amp electric motor that will help cut through the toughest of grass.

It has adjustable heights, mulching options, and durable rubber wheels, putting in the class of much more expensive mowers on the market.

The best thing about this mower is its versatility in the type of grass it can cut and the conditions that it works in.

Compared to other electric mowers that don’t seem capable of getting the job done unless working on the easiest grass possible, customers found that the Greenworks 16 Inch Corded Electric Mower worked on stubborn grass, uphill slopes, thick bush, and more.

It has 10amp of power running through it, and it’s easy to mistake it for more when you’re pushing it, as it feels far too easy to cut the grass.

Another great feature that customers raved about was the ease in which it could be pushed around, thanks in part to the perfectly designed wheels.

Greenworks put in extra time to make sure the rubber wheels were sized perfectly for a lawnmower this size, and because it’s a lightweight model, you’ll never break a sweat even if you were to mow all day.

However, for such a dynamo mower, there were some minor drawbacks from the Greenworks model.

With just a 16-inch cutting width it’s a lot smaller than other corded models and really only suitable for those with small to medium-sized lawns to mow. A few extra inches would have made all the difference and cut your mowing time down, so keep its smaller size in mind.

Another negative was the cord itself, which some people found bothersome as they mowed because it couldn’t reach all areas.

Although this is standard on all corded electric mowers, some reviewers commented that they’d hoped for a longer cord so that they didn’t have to rely on an extension lead. Some careful planning might be required at first to ensure you can cover your whole lawn, which takes some time to maneuver.

The Greenworks 16 Inch Corded Electric Mower is stacked full of features that put it in the same class as other expensive gas types, including a two in one option that lets you use either the rear bag or mulching attachment.

You can adjust the mower to five different height points that let you get the grass exactly as you want it, with variations between 5/8 inch to 2-5/8 inch possible.

The cord extends 150 feet which is fine for smaller yards, but you may need to invest in an extension lead if you’re like others. The wheels measure seven inches at the rear and six at the front, making it easy to maneuver it around.

All up, the mower and cord weigh 48lbs which is incredibly lightweight, and it has a comfortable ergonomically designed handle to reduce the stress.

If you want a compact but efficient alternative to gas-powered mowers, the Greenworks is the best corded electric mulching lawnmower on the market.

It comes with free shipping and free returns, should you need it. Greenworks offers an impressive four year warranty on their products, with electric mowers included, so you’re guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth with this 16-inch corded model.

Runner Up: Black and Decker 15 inch Corded Electric Mower

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower
  • Cutting Area: 15 inches
  • Power: 10amp
  • Weight: 7lbs

Shopping on a budget can be hard to do when it’s a lawnmower on your list, but with an economical option from one of the biggest names in gardening tools, it doesn’t have to be.

The Black and Decker 15 Inch Electric Lawn Mower is a lightweight but efficient way to keep your grass cut and your lawn looking healthy, and it has everything you need to keep a smaller size of lawn in order without relying on gas.

According to the many happy reviews of this product, the comfort of this lawnmower was second to none. Black and Decker have designed it to be strain free and luxurious to use, and this is achieved with the bike handle style.

This feels just like riding a bike, and because the mower itself is so lightweight, you’ll be surprised as to how minimal effort you have to put in to cut the grass.

There’s the option to upgrade to a pivoting handle for around $10 extra, but with so many thrilled users who like the bike handle style, you shouldn’t have to.

The weight of the entire unit is just 7lbs which might be hard to believe for those of us who’ve struggled with lawnmowers more than 50lbs our whole lives.

Although there’s an initial learning curve where you feel like it could tip up off the grass, once you get the hang of it you’ll never want to go back to a heavier model.

The major drawback of this lawnmower was the size of the path it cut, with around 15 inches of space being mowed each pass.

This means you may spend a little extra time out there getting the job done, compared to one of the larger 20+ inch mowers on the market. Those with small spaces won’t be as bothered, but for average size lawns, it’ll be a frustrating task.

Another downside was the lack of a mulching function which seems pretty standard on all lawnmowers today. As a cheaper model, it’s expected to have some features lacking, but not being able to mulch the grass as you go ends up meaning more work for you to deal with the grass clippings you collect.

The Black and Decker Corded Electric Mower turns on easily with a push button start, which means no straining your back and arms with a pull cord. There are six height adjustments to switch between depending on what your lawn needs.

With the lowest being one inch and the highest eight inches, it has a lot more range than other mowers we’ve reviewed. This corded electric motor runs on a 10 amp motor which gives it enough gusto to power through and

With a unique winged blade design, you’re able to clip more of the grass with less effort, and Black and Decker promise at least a 30% increase in clipping collection.

The wheels feature rugged tread so they stay on the ground, helping to offset the initial feeling of weirdness when operating such a lightweight mower, and proving the brand has thought of everything.

If you only have minimal needs for lawn care and want to make the switch to electric, the Black and Decker is the cheapest way to do it.

This mower comes with a two year limited warranty and free shipping. The Black and Decker 15 Inch is the best rated electric lawn mower in this price range and one that can easily get the job done.

Alternative: Greenworks 20 Inch Electric Corded Mower

Greenworks 20-Inch
  • Cutting Area: 20 inches
  • Power: 12 amp
  • Weight: 56lbs

When you’re ready to make the switch to an electric corded mower but need one with a little more size and power than most, something like the Greenworks 20 Inch Electric Corded Mower will suit you well.

With a powerful 12 amp motor working inside and a 20 inch steel deck for cutting your lawn quickly, and loads of other features that allow you to customize the mower to your lawn, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re working with a corded mower.

The best thing about this Greenworks mower is its power, which is something people don’t expect working with an electric mower.

Inside is a 12 amp motor which makes it a powerful tool and even for people working on larger lawns, you’ll find it a breeze to cut through the grass, no matter how tough and stubborn it may be. Compared to smaller mowers that are only made for small lawns, you can easily power through a larger yard with ease.

As well as being powerful, customers loved how easy it was to use, which is a huge bonus using an electric motor.

Not only does it propel forward easily but it has a push-button start that goes with one press, so there’s no need to work hard pulling a cord before you even get to the big job of mowing. The wheels are high up and don’t get caught on the ground, and have special treading to help you gain traction.

The downsides to the Greenworks mower are that it doesn’t come with a cord included, which seems on par with the rest of the Greenworks range. As you have to purchase batteries and other parts for their other products to work, it’s not surprising.

This adds quite a lot of cost to the overall package, so this is one of the most expensive corded electric mowers out there, even if it does come with a lot of power once it’s set up.

Another potential negative was its larger size, which would be ideal for a gas mower, but doesn’t seem to work as well with an electric model.

As the Greenworks Mower isn’t self-propelled, you’ll need to work a little harder to push it, so it’s probably not ideal for homes with steep inclines and tricky corners. The overall weight is around 56lbs and for a model that has to be pushed to mow, you’ll really feel it.

The Greenworks 20 Inch Electric Corded Mower comes with different capabilities for when the mowing is done. You can choose between a rear bag, side discharge, or mulching function, so you don’t have to empty hefty catchers if you don’t want to.

There are seven different levels of height to mow with which range from a very short cut to longer blades of grass, giving you total control of the finished product.

When it’s time to pack the mower up, you can use the folding handles to store it away easily, and there’s no regular ongoing maintenance needed. The front wheels measure seven inches and the rear 10 inches, so it’s not too bulky to fit somewhere neatly, and it only takes a push button to start it back up again.

If you want a more powerful corded electric mower, this 20-inch model is the way to go. The Greenworks 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower is powerful where it counts.

Greenworks offers a four year limited warranty on the device and Amazon has free returns and free shipping, so there are some nice extras thrown in, even if it is one of the more expensive options.

Alternative: Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower

Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower
  • Cutting Area: 20 inches
  • Power: 13 amp
  • Weight: 46.4lbs

Not everyone mows their lawn every weekend as they should, and if you’re someone who leaves it to the last minute and has a lot of overgrowth to deal with, you’ll want a mower to get the job done.

The Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower is just the tool for this type of lawn, and it’s full of features like a 13 amp motor, 20-inch cutting deck width, and a bright orange color that fits in with the rest of their tools.

The most surprising thing that customers found with this mower was how powerful it was, and this is all thanks to the 13 amp motor.

People were shocked to find it felt similar to a gas mower, but without any loud sounds or vibrations that usually come with the job. If you’re after something whisper quiet that’s still going to cut through overgrown grass, this is it.

Another great feature that the Black and Decker offers is its portability, which is good for something this size.

It weighs around 46.4lbs and has a lift handle so you can pick it up and move it around as you need if you can’t roll it on the wheels. For people who mow more than one area of lawn, this convenience will be a major selling point.

For all of its good, there are some disadvantages to the Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower.

People were upset to see that many parts of it were made of plastic, and it doesn’t have the tough steel mower deck that most do. If you want something you can thrash around and not have to treat like a delicate flower, this isn’t the way to go.

Another downside is the installation process, as there doesn’t appear to be a lot of guidelines offered from Black and Decker.

If you’re not mechanically minded, you’ll want to find someone who is to put it together, especially when it comes to attaching the bag. For the cost of the mower, this is a letdown, and could do with an upgrade in the next model.

The Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower has plenty of features worth noting, and the large 20-inch mower deck is the most impressive.

With this much space, it’ll only take a few laps to get your lawn done, which is what you want when you’re dealing with a power cord while you mow. Although not self-propelled, it’s not one of the heaviest mowers to push, so it’s not that hard to get around.

When you’re not using the mower, you can fold down the handle to store it away easily, and when it’s time to come back out again it doesn’t require any special work.

The Black and Decker Mower uses a push button start for ease of use and has a special ergonomically designed handle that means after hours of work you won’t develop any blisters.

If you need something to tackle your permanently overgrown grass, a powerhouse like the Black and Decker 20 Inch Corded Electric Mower is a must.

It has only a two-year limited warranty. For such a high cost there are a few drawbacks, but if you want a mower to tackle tough grass then this Black and Decker is worth the price tag.

Alternative: Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower

Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower
  • Cutting Area: 21 inches
  • Power: 13amp
  • Weight: 53.1lbs

Most people with larger lawns shy away from electric lawnmowers because they have a reputation for being compact, but if you want to make the move away from gas, the Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower could have everything you need.

This mower has a lengthy 21-inch steel deck that’s durable and tough, as well as massive 10-inch wheels and a large body that makes it feel just like a gas model.

According to the happy customers who bought and used this mower, the size of this mower was its best asset and if you didn’t know the difference from its whisper-quiet operation and lack of fumes, you might not be able to tell the difference.

With dimensions of 31.5 x 17.2 x 23.2 inches, it stacks up pretty well against other petrol mowers and works just as powerfully as well.

The parts of this mower are all made of steel and durable plastic, as wheel as the tough rubber wheels.

Although an expensive option, it’s the best electric mower corded model if you don’t want to feel you’re pushing something delicate around. Customers loved that it worked just as well on larger yards as well, and not just for small duplexes and apartment lawns.

On the negative side of things, the Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower is expensive, and for that price, you won’t get a cord included.

Some comments have mentioned you need at least two extension cords to get your lawn mowed, and when you’re ducking and weaving in between trees and other obstacles, this can get in the way. As far as convenience goes, this corded mower seems to be lacking.

Another potential drawback is the weight, which makes it not suitable for those who aren’t physically capable of pushing a standard mower.

It’s one of the heaviest electric mowers on the market and isn’t self-propelled, so be prepared to put in a lot of effort to get the job done, as it weighs over 50lbs in total.

There are lots of cool features worth noting in the Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower, and lots of ways to adjust it to your mowing needs and however your grass is growing.

There are three options for how to use it, including a mulching function, rear bag, and side discharge, and you can easily switch between the three for different results each time you mow.

You can also adjust the height to seven levels, which is done with a simple lever on the side, allowing you to change it as you go if needed.

The 13 amp motor within this makes it more powerful than most, and you can feel that as soon as you wrap your hands around the handle.

Even overgrown and stubborn grass will be defeated with ease, and it has unlimited runtime thanks to the attached cord, so as long as you’re willing to push it can keep on mowing.

The Greenworks 21 Inch Corded Electric Mower is the way to go if you need a wider mowing space, and just as much power as a gas model. Greenworks offers a massive four-year tool warranty on this mower, which is the same as their other products, and should you have any problems, Amazon offers free returns.

Corded Electric Lawn Mower FAQs

A corded electric lawn mower comes with loads of benefits including a quiet running operation, eco-friendliness, and better speeds, but if you’ve never owned one before you probably have no idea how they work.

We’ve answered some FAQs that first timers have about electric lawnmowers to give you the rundown and see whether it’s right for you.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Corded Lawn Mower?

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The key features to look for when buying a corded lawn mower is how far the cord reaches, what safety features it has, the size of its engine, and how big the cutting width is.

Depending on your lawn and personal needs, you should match these features up to make sure it’s right for you.

Do Electric Lawn Mowers Work As Well As Gas?

An electric lawn mower requires a constant supply of electricity and they were designed for small to medium sized lawns.

Although they aren’t as powerful as a gas mower, they are quiet, run without fumes and emissions, energy-efficient, and the ideal size for people without large yards to mow.

How Long Do Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Last?


A quality corded electric mower can last at least 10 years without needing to undergo any major maintenance or repairs.

Cheaper models might not last as long, around five years, but with the right care shouldn’t have any problems. With these types of mowers, it’s usually cheaper to replace broken parts and have things fixed than buying a new one entirely.

Can Electric Lawn Mowers Overheat?

As with any type of lawnmower that uses a motor, the electric corded variety can overheat in some conditions.

These devices work hard and it’s common for the motor to need a break sometimes, which may result in the lawnmower cutting out entirely to enable it to do so safely. You should only use your mower as long as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Do Electric Lawn Mowers Need Maintenance?


A major benefit of owning an electric lawnmower is the minimal maintenance they need compared to gas-powered ones.

An electric lawn mower still needs care and regular checkups but unlike a gas mower, it won’t need its oil changed or any number of the other tasks that have to be performed to keep them in good working order.

Can I Hose Off My Electric Lawn Mower?

An electric lawn mower operates like any other electrical device and the presence of water can be hazardous and lead to electric shock.

Always follow the guidelines set out by the manufacturer of your electric lawnmower to ensure you’re cleaning it correctly and safely, and never attempt to apply water to it without doing it the right way.

The Power of Electricity for a Healthier Lawn

When you’re equipped with the best electric corded lawn mower, your home and your back will thank you for it. These efficient, compact lawnmowers are ideal for small to medium-size homes and some of the most affordable on the market, making gardening easier than ever.

Although they’re a little unusual compared to a gas mower, they come with so many benefits that make them a worthwhile competitor.

Any of our favorite picks will do your home well, and all you have to do is choose the one that suits it best.

With the modern benefits that a corded lawn mower offers, you’ll turn this once dreaded task into something rewarding and easy, and your green grass will be all the proof you need that you made the switch for the better.

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