Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power







Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power 1


Black and Decker Max Cordless Chainsaw


Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power 2

Worx 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw


Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power 3

Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless Model


Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power 4

Craftsman 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw


Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power 5

Greenworks 14 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

There aren’t many tools that the home gardener has in their arsenal as powerful as the chainsaw, and it’s a multipurpose device that can be used for so many things.

However, the traditional chainsaw as we once know it has become outdated, as we look for ways to move away from gas powered devices and to something more efficient and greener.

The cordless electric chainsaw is one of these alternatives, and in recent years they’ve proven themselves to be just as powerful as their gas powered alternatives.

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch or just want to upgrade, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with the best electric cordless chainsaw on the market.

So, what is the best cordless chainsaw around?

A good cordless chainsaw needs enough battery power to get the job done, a powerful engine, and the right sized bar and chain to suit your needs. To figure out the best cordless chainsaw to suit you and your garden, you’ll have to consider where you’ll be putting it to work.

Chainsaws come in all shapes and sizes, with compact ones for small jobs, and heavy duty beasts that can do it all. To determine the best cordless electric chainsaw to meet your needs, you’ll want to check out this buying guide and our recommendations for the most popular on the market.

An investment in a new chainsaw is a big deal, and you want to be sure you get it right, especially if you’ve owned one of these styles before. These are our recommendations for the best rated cordless chainsaw models on the market, with all shapes, sizes, and budgets accounted for.

Best Overall: Black and Decker Max Cordless Chainsaw

Black and Decker Max Cordless Chainsaw
  • Power: 40V
  • Weight: 10.4lbs
  • Type: Battery powered

Black and Decker are a name that everyone knows, and if you’re looking for a quality power tool, you can always rely on them to deliver.

Their 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw is our pick for the best cordless electric chainsaw, and it offers everything you could dream of including a huge 40V lithium-ion battery and a 12-inch premium bar and chain. With these working together, it can tackle just about any job in the garden you need it for.

According to customers, the best thing about this chainsaw is how easy it is to handle. This is largely in part to the weight to power ratio that Black and Decker have ensured, and it means you’ll never feel like you’re losing control.

Even finer jobs that require a lot of attention to detail will be easy which is why it’s considered the best electric chainsaw cordless model.

On the negative side of things though, the Black and Decker Max Cordless Chainsaw isn’t the best in terms of battery life, especially if you’re trying to cut through large logs.

You’ll get around 30 minutes at high power for something like this, otherwise an hour for smaller jobs. Depending on what you plan on cutting with it, this might not be sufficient.

There are plenty of other noteworthy features though, including the automatic oiling system that keeps the bar and chain in perfect condition. You can adjust the chain’s tension without the need for any tools, which means even when you’re out in the garden and need it changed quickly, you can do it with ease.

The 40V Max 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery included comes with a charger and the option to purchase a replacement one if needed.

The Black and Decker 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw has a wrap-around handle so you’ll never feel fatigued and always be in the most ergonomically sound position to work with, which can be a lifesaver with harder tasks.

If you only want the kind of reputation that Black and Decker brings to a chainsaw, this is the way to go. Black and Decker offer a two year limited warranty and your tool comes with a complete instruction manual and guide, as well as free shipping from Amazon, making it one of the best value cordless chainsaw models around.

Runner Up: Worx 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Worx 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
  • Power: 20V
  • Weight: 6.2lbs
  • Type: Battery

When your chainsawing needs are only small, it makes sense to get a device that suits that size. The Worx 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is a great option if you want a lightweight model and only have minimal cutting needs.

The total weight is just over 6lbs so you can lift it with one hand if you want to, and won’t get the usual fatigue that comes with these types of power tools.

The best feature by far on the Worx Cordless Chainsaw is how well it cut through larger branches, which was surprising because of its size, and it did so cleanly and quickly.

People were thrilled to find they could tackle thicker and denser branches and trees than they thought possible and all without the hefty weight or price tag that comes with larger chainsaws.

However, because it’s lightweight and a little small, some customers found it was harder to maneuver. While you might assume that something of this size is easier to control because there’s no weight holding it down, it works the opposite way, so it may take some getting used to when you’re first cutting with it.

The Worx 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw features a chain tension system that can be automatically adjusted without tools, which adds to its convenience.

You can swap your Worx Power Share battery with the rest of their range as well, which means more battery life and cheaper tools. The chainsaw comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery and has a running time of around 20 minutes per charge for an average size job.

This chainsaw has a chain speed of 12.5 feet per second and can work through all kinds of branches, large and small. It has an auto-oil system and lightweight feel, so it’s low maintenance, and the chain lubrication system helps to extend the life of the tool as well.

If you want a cordless chainsaw that’s very hands-off, but still powerful enough to get the job done, this is the way to go.

If you only need a smaller model, it’s a great option. Amazon has it listed for the lowest price and offers free freight to your door and free returns, alongside the Worx three-year limited tool warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose choosing this compact chainsaw, and you might surprise yourself with just how much it can handle.

Alternative: Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless Model

Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless Model
  • Power: 24V
  • Weight: 7.85lbs
  • Type: Battery

For another compact-sized cordless chainsaw manufactured by a trusted name, the Greenworks 10 Inch is a great option.

This chainsaw is compact and lightweight and comes included with a 24V lithium-ion 2Ah battery and charger, both compatible with the rest of the Greenworks power tools range.

The overall weight is around 7.85 and its dimensions are 24.80 x 8.07 x 12.00 inches so you don’t need a lot of strength to wield it in the garden.

The battery life is what impressed most customers, and although it was only a 24V, it was capable of running for up to an hour of continuous use and at the highest power possible.

This battery efficiency is miles ahead of other similarly sized chainsaws, so if your main priority in a cordless model is to find something that lasts the longest but you don’t need anything too big, you’ve met your match with the Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw.

However, it’s not as painless to cut through branches as others we’ve reviewed and is better suited to smaller branches and clearing brush only.

This shouldn’t be your first choice if you have more than this to deal with because it’s not cut out for the job. Rather, opt for at least a 12 or 14-inch chainsaw and save yourself the effort, as well as the risk of damaging your brand new tool altogether.

Greenworks has tried to make this chainsaw as low maintenance as possible which suits people that aren’t usually mechanically minded.

It has tool-less chain tensioning that lets you adjust as you go without carrying anything around with you, and the automatic oiler keeps the chain lubed up. This is not only good for the durability of the chain, but the entire device itself, and keeps it humming along for years to come.

This chainsaw starts flawlessly with an electric start and because there’s no gas, that means no pulling either. As long as you keep the battery charged, it’ll be ready for action whenever you need it.

The oil tank in this tool is translucent so you can keep an eye on levels, and there’s very little else to do to keep your Greenworks 10 Inch Cordless Chainsaw in top condition as it’s all automatic.

Amazon has it listed for the lowest price online, and they include free shipping and free returns with their sale. Greenworks covers this with their massive four year warranty which is hard to be at this price and makes their 10 Inch Powe Share Cordless Chainsaw one of the best value around.

Alternative: Craftsman 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Craftsman 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
  • Power: 20V
  • Weight:
  • Type: Battery

The Craftsman V20 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is a powerhouse in a small package and ideal for people who don’t need a chainsaw that’s too long to get their gardening done.

As part of their famous V20 cordless system, the battery is a 4.0 high capacity lithium-ion as standard and it has an extended run time and efficiency that’s hard to find with cordless power tools these days.

The overall weight is 10lbs and its dimensions are 26.94 x 9.03 x 10.88 inches which should be the perfect fit for most users.

According to customers, the speed of the chain was its most impressive feat and meant that when it went up against a branch or brush, it did so with ease.

You’ll never feel like it can’t handle the job unless you try to make it cut something that a 12-inch chainsaw should never attempt, and when you compare it to others in this size group, you’ll see just what we’re talking about.

For a 10-inch chainsaw though, it’s pretty heavy and weighs close to 10lbs with the battery included. Although you might not notice at first, customers found that with a bit of regular use they felt fatigued sooner and that sometimes gaining control in tricky situations was hard to do.

When you’re out with fast rotating blades chopping wood and branches, feeling like you’re in control is the only way to be, so this is better suited to the strong.

The Craftsman V20 Cordless Chainsaw features a bubble level that allows you to keep an eye on what you’re cutting to make sure it’s even.

There’s auto oiling for your convenience and tool-free tensioning, so you can adjust it to whatever you need depending on the job. The chain pitch of this chainsaw is 3/8 inch and it’s 12 inches in size, making it a good choice for basic gardening tasks.

There are a few different ways to purchase this chainsaw, as well as replacement parts like the chain and bar being readily available.

You can purchase just the chainsaw, or with the battery, as well as other tools in the Craftsman V20 range like a trimmer, cordless drill, and even an extra battery, saving money when you purchase in a kit.

Craftsman covers this tool, and the rest in their V20 cordless range, with a three-year limited warranty. When you shop with Amazon, you’ll get it shipped for free to your door and have the option to return it for free should anything go wrong.

If you want a powerful but compact little chainsaw and have the muscle to keep control of it, the Craftsman V20 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is a crowd-pleaser.

Alternative: Greenworks 14 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 14 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
  • Power: 40V
  • Weight: 7.6lbs
  • Type: Battery

Greenworks has done it again with their heftier 14-inch cordless chainsaw, offering gardeners a way to tackle larger jobs with ease.

This is a serious chainsaw that runs purely on battery power and comes with a 2.0Ah 40V lithium-ion battery and charger included, giving you around 75 cuts per single charge.

Customers loved the cutting prowess of this chainsaw and with its 14-inch bar, it makes light of just about anything you have in the garden. You’ll be able to cut through larger branches, tree stumps, shrubs, and brush, and because of the impressive battery life, it feels as though it’s never going to run out.

However, it does have manual chain tensioning, which is unusual to find in these types of chainsaws.

Customers also noted the weight to power ratio was a bit to get used to at first and recommend that those who have never used a chainsaw before spend some time practicing how to handle it, as this area needs some improvement.

There are loads of other noteworthy features of this chainsaw though, including the electric start that turns it on with a finger trigger.

The Greenworks comes with an auto oiler for fuss-free maintenance, and you can keep an eye on how the oil supply is doing thanks to the transparent tank. All you have to do is keep it full, and the Greenworks will do the rest and ensure the chain is lubed up and ready for anything.

The Greenworks 14 Inch Cordless Chainsaw comes with a few buying options that let you change the battery as needed. You can get the standard 2.0Amp or upgrade to either the 2.5Amp or 3.0Amp model, which will give you more power and a longer running time.

Of course, you can buy just the chainsaw if you already have a Greenworks 40V battery to use, and save even more money.

If you make your purchase from Amazon, they’ll ship it to your door for free and cover any returns for free should you need them, as well as the comprehensive four year limited tool and battery warranty.

The Greenworks 14 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is our top pick for those bigger jobs, provided you spend the time learning how this beast operates.

FAQs of Cordless Chainsaws

With a glimpse at what’s possible with the best cordless chainsaw reviews, you have some idea about what this tool offers.

However, there’s a little more to them that can be valuable to understand, especially if you’ve never used one before. Check out the answers to these FAQs to learn everything you need to about the cordless chainsaw.

Are Cordless Chainsaws Any Good?


A cordless chainsaw is a good option in between corded and gas powered models, with benefits that come from either style.

A cordless chainsaw can be powerful enough to get the job done, but without emitting gas fumes or requiring a lot of ongoing maintenance, and still with the convenience of a cordless tool.

What’s Better Gas Or Electric Chainsaws?

Depending on what you need a chainsaw for, there are pros and cons to consider in both electric and gas chainsaws.

Electric chainsaws are a greener alternative and with less maintenance, but some argue that a gas chainsaw has a more powerful engine and better cutting capability. It depends on the exact model and its features, as there are good and bad in every category.

How Long Will A Battery Powered Chainsaw Last?


The running time of a battery powered cordless chainsaw will depend on how much power it uses and the strength and size of the battery inside of it.

A good quality cordless chainsaw with a lithium-ion battery can usually run for around an hour before needing to be recharged, but this can vary quite a bit between make and model.

Are Battery Powered Chainsaws Safer?

A safe chainsaw is one with auto shut off features and power to weight ratios, which many of these battery powered models have.

Also, they’re better for the environment and the operator because they have fewer emissions and fumes, and don’t require gas to keep them powered up.

What’s Better, A 20v Or 40v Battery For Electric Chainsaws?


When using a cordless battery operated tool, opting for the higher voltage amount is usually smarter as it means more cells in the battery and better power.

With a 40V battery, you should be able to achieve a longer running time on a single charge, and have more power in the cordless chainsaw itself.

Chainsaws With Cordless Convenience

A chainsaw is a powerful beast made that much better when it’s cordless and convenient. Having one of these at the ready means you’ll make light work of overhanging branches, be able to clear trees that are no longer needed and take on a range of jobs in your garden and around the home.

With our selections of the best cordless chainsaws and one to suit every type of gardener, you’ll also be equipped with this time-saving tool, and for the best price as well.

Owning a chainsaw can make matters a lot easier, and with our recommendations, you’re guaranteed to get one that’s already been tried and trusted by many before you.

Best Cordless Chainsaws for 2021: Portable Cutting Power 6


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