Best Cordless Grass Shears In 2021 A Convenient Way to Clip







Best Cordless Grass Shears In 2021 A Convenient Way to Clip 1


Sun Joe Cordless 2 in 1 Shears


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Gardena Cordless Garden Shears


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Scott's Outdoor Power Towels Grass Shears and Shrub Trimmer


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Worx 20V Shear Shrubber


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Greenworks Cordless Hedge Shear and Trimmer

Beautiful gardens don’t come easy, nor do they come cheap, and if you love to tend to one at home, you already know this.

One of the biggest tasks you have to do to keep a garden in order is shearing, whether it’s keeping your rose bush trimmed and neat or bringing back the bushes and hedges a tad.

While garden shears are a necessity, they don’t have to be hard work, and if you’re someone who likes to do things the easy way, you’ll probably already known about electric grass shears.

These convenient upgrades to traditional gardening tools made life easier, and now that there are cordless models available too, it’s even better.

So, what are the best cordless grass shears on the market?

To find the best grass shears you need to choose some that have the right blade type and length, come with adjustable settings, and have a decent battery to keep them powered up. The best electric grass shears for you will depend on your gardening habits as well, so it’s important to keep what you need in mind.

Rather than send you searching through hours of cordless grass shears reviews, we’ve done the hard work, and come up with a definitive list of our favorites.

These represent the best of the best in every price range and with capabilities to suit each unique style of gardener from the weekend hobbyist to the ultimate professional.

Finding the best rated cordless grass shears is no easy feat with a market that’s overwhelmed with modern gardening supplies. To make the hunt less daunting, we’ve compiled our favorites to deliver you with the best grass shears reviews, offering something in every style and budget.

Best Overall: Sun Joe Cordless 2 in 1 Shears

Sun Joe Cordless 2 in 1 Shears
  • Type: Shears and trimmer
  • Size: 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.5lbs

Our favorite find comes from Sun Joe with their 2 in 1 Shears and Hedger, letting you take care of the garden with one simple tool.

With this product, you’ll get a 4-inch long shearing attachment and a hedge trimmer blade, all packaged in a neat little device. Powered up with a 7.2V lithium-ion battery, and including the charger with it, you’ll never run low on power while you get this important task done.

According to reviews, their favorite thing about these shears was the comfort, and although they’re one of the lighter options they don’t feel flimsy.

With the battery and shear attachment on they only weigh 2.5lbs so if you’ve had to give up shearing due to injury or recent surgery, this’ll be music to your ears. The weight distribution was good and it was easy to maneuver the shears, which is what everyone wants when they invest in a new pair of clippers like this.

The Sun Joe is loud, and if you’re looking for a tool you can use bright and early in the morning or something that’s whisper quiet, this isn’t it.

Customers were shocked to find just how abrasive it could sound at times, and it takes away from the serenity that gardening brings, so be mindful of this downside. Although small, it makes a lot of noise, so this isn’t like the manual shears you’re used to.

The Sun Joe 2 in 1 Shears and Hedger can be switched between two tasks easily with a quick conversion, and both attachments are sizeable enough to tackle more jobs in the garden.

It features an ergonomic handle that makes it a breeze to work with, even if you’re putting in long hours, and couple with the lightweight feel it’s easily one of the most comfortable pair of cordless shears out there.

The 7.2 V lithium battery will give you a run time of over an hour with no signs of slowing down, and this is more than enough time to shear the garden and do some hedge grooming.

Sun Joe makes an additional promise that this device will last two years from the date of purchase, and when you consider how cheap it is compared to the rest, this is a phenomenal guarantee.

To equip yourself with a lightweight but dynamic pair of cordless garden shears, go to Amazon to get the Sun Joe 2 in 1 Shears and Hedger. This power couple is shipped free to your door with the promise of a free return if you need it.

They’re the most budget-friendly and user-friendly shears around, and you’ll find it’s never been easy to keep your garden looking beautiful.

Runner Up: Gardena Cordless Garden Shears

Gardena Cordless Garden Shears
  • Type: Shears
  • Size: 3 inches
  • Weight:

For a powerful tool and the sharpest and best grass shears cordless model, it has to be the Gardena Cordless Garden Shears.

With a three-inch size shear and a row of sharp blades, you’ll very quickly cut through whatever needs tending to in the garden. These shears measure 7.87 x 7.87 x 23.62 inches so they fit perfectly in your hand, and don’t feel too compact to get the job done.

What customers loved most about these cordless shears was their cutting prowess, and just how sharp they were straight out of the box.

This helps reduce the effort required to use them which means a more comfortable experience. You’ll barely have to do a thing with the Gardena Cordless Garden Shears to chop through shrubs, leaves, branches, and plants, cutting your gardening time in half.

These cordless shears are expensive, make no mistake, and what’s most disappointing for something in this price range is the lack of battery power.

Operating with only a 3.6V battery meant the running time was far less than the competition, and you’ll be able to get about 45 minutes use maximum out of it. If your garden requires a lot more work or you don’t want to be kept behind because of minimal battery time, these aren’t the ones for you.

However, when they are turned on, the Gardena Cordless Shears are a force to be reckoned with.

The high-quality blade can be replaced easily and without the need for any tools, which is a major selling point of the Gardena brand. Also included with the shears is a blade protection kit and a charger, giving you everything you need to take care of your garden and tools.

Other features like the LED display offer a nice touch, and it helps you keep an eye on the battery to see how much time is left.

When it’s time to charge up your Gardena Cordless Shears, you can expect it to take around six hours, unless you invest in a replacement 1.45Ah lithium-ion battery that’s always on standby.

This is an expensive option for garden shears, but if you want nothing less than the Gardena brand you’ll be happy to pay.

These compact shears are incredibly sharp and tough and come with an impressive 25 year warranty, which can’t be beaten. Amazon ships for free to your door and offers free returns should anything go wrong, making these cordless garden shears worth every penny.

Alternative: Scott’s Outdoor Power Towels Grass Shears and Shrub Trimmer

Scott's Outdoor Power Towels Grass Shears and Shrub Trimmer
  • Type: Shearer and trimmer
  • Size: 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.6lbs

Not all cordless grass shears are made equally, and if you sometimes like to use yours close to the ground, you’ll love everything about the Scotts Outdoor Power Towels entry.

Their Cordless Grass Shearer and Shrub Trimmer is a two in one product that operates with an extendable handle, letting you get close to the ground without straining your back.

The best thing about these shears is their versatility, and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck if you choose them. Scotts has ensured they can be used for every gardening task with the wheeled extension handle that lets you trim grass and plants way down low, or disconnect it to use it with your hand.

However, the major drawback to this is the low weight, which becomes more obvious when you’re using it by hand.

When the shearers are attached to the handle and pole, it’s quite easy to maneuver, but having them so light that they’re just over 2.5lbs means you don’t get the control that you like to have with typical cordless grass shears.

f you’re someone who prefers a powerful tool and you don’t mind the extra weight that comes with it, these won’t be the right fit.

The Scott’s Cordless Grass Shearer and Shrub Trimmer operates with a 7.2V high capacity lithium-ion battery, giving it a lot more oomph than other cordless models, and helping to power it along.

Included with the grass shears and hedging tool that come with it is a fast charger that brings it back up to full power in just a couple of hours, and you’ll get more than one hour of use out of each charge.

Included with the four-inch shear blade is a 6.5-inch hedge blade, and they can be switched back and forward with ease without the need for any tools. The hedge clipper has a rotating head that lets you target tight angles and get into smaller spaces in the garden with ease.

Thanks to its high-performance battery power, it’s a greener alternative that doesn’t emit any fumes or odors, and is safer for your body as well, preventing you from bending over thanks to the wheeled extension handle.

If you want a low effort way to shear grass and trim hedges and prefer a lightweight feel, there’s nothing better than the Scott’s Cordless Hedge Trimmer.

This complete kit is one of the more affordable options. Better still, Scott’s will cover it with a two year warranty, so you can feel peace of mind you’re investing in a gardening tool that’s going to last.

Alternative: Worx 20V Shear Shrubber

Worx 20V Shear Shrubber
  • Type: Grass shear and shrubber
  • Size: 4 inch
  • Weight: 2lbs

The Worx 20V Shear Shrubber is two tools in one, each designed to make your gardening woes a lot easier. With a four-inch grass shear blade and an eight-inch shrubbery blade, you can do two jobs at the same time, and change them with ease on the.

This powerful device uses a 20V lithium-ion battery which gets it a whole lot more power than others in this range and helps it go head to head with gas operated devices.

What makes this such a cool tool is the heightened power it has over others, and although it’s lightweight, you’ll feel as if you’re operating a serious machine.

The battery gives a long run time and lends it some torque, working alongside the dual-action blades. These blades cut once on top and then the bottom, with customers loving how quickly this efficient movement helped it move through their grass and plants.

The major drawback to the Worx 20V Shear Shrubber is the shrub cutter with a lot of people noting their disappointment in its lack of sharpness.

Although it has a bigger blade than the four-inch grass shearer, it wasn’t anywhere near as effective and could have been left off entirely. Considering this makes just one of the tools worthwhile, it can be viewed as an expensive option.

These issues aside, there are still plenty of great features in the Worx Shear Shrubber. As a PowerShare tool, you can use this battery with the rest of the range from Worx, which can save some money if you only need to buy the tool on its own.

Otherwise, you’ll pay a little extra to get the 20V lithium-ion battery, boasting one of the largest in this category and with one of the longest running times as well.

These shears are made with a comfortable control grip and use a rubber overmold to make shearing easy. You’ll notice a distinct lack of vibration and because they only weigh 2lbs, there’s no risk of getting tired.

To change the blades, it takes just a push of a button and a slide of an attachment, so you can carry both with you and change things up as you need.

If you want a versatile and powerful tool to work with, the Worx 20V Power Share Garden Shear and Shrubber is one of a kind. Worx stands behind their tools with a lengthy three year limited tool warranty, provided you register for the extended period.

Alternative: Greenworks Cordless Hedge Shear and Trimmer

Greenworks Cordless Hedge Shear and Trimmer
  • Type: Shears and trimmer
  • Size: N/A
  • Weight: 1.2lbs

Greenworks are a respected name in gardening and home power tools, and they’re especially known for their powerful battery operated products, with their grass shears being no exception.

The Greenworks 2 in 1 Cordless Hedge Shear and Trimmer combines two popular gardening devices in one, with a lightweight feel of just 1.2lbs.

The best thing about the Greenworks Cordless Hedge Shear is that it’s safe to use, and for anyone feeling hesitant about using a powered gardening tool, it’s the way to go. There’s an added safety feature that will trigger in case of emergency, keeping you safe from the sharp shear and trimmer blades.

Customers found these shears and trimmers just a little too light, which meant it was hard to get control when working on coarser and thicker branches and hedges.

This isn’t an ideal choice if you’re cutting anything other than grass, otherwise, you’ll find yourself adjusting your grip all the time. With a weight of just over a pound, it’s a noticeable difference and not ideal for all types of gardeners.

The measurements of the hedge shear fully assembled are 11.25 x 3.25 x 4.12 inches so it’s a good size for those with smaller hands or those who don’t need anything too bulky.

To switch out the two different blades it’s a simple push of a button, and it’s easy enough to do even if you’ve never used a powered gardening tool before.

The Greenworks 7.2V Cordless Hedge Shear and Trimmer comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that delivers around 40 minutes of running time.

Greenworks includes the hedger blade, shear blade, charger, and battery, giving everything you need to get to work straight away. As a smaller and lighter model though, you’re better off tackling things like grass and light shrubbery with this tool.

Greenworks offers an impressive four year warranty on most of their battery powered tools, and this one is no different.

You’ll be thrilled with everything it has to offer. Amazon also offers free returns in case of issues and free shipping to your door, so it’s even better value for money when you buy online.

FAQs of Cordless Grass Shears

A pair of cordless grass shears can be a real timesaver in the garden, but they operate a little differently than their manual friends. Before you equip yourself with the best cordless grass shears and get to work in the garden, learn a little more about how they work with these FAQs.

How Do You Sharpen Cordless Shears?


A pair of cordless shears can be sharpened similarly to regular shears, using fine grit sandpaper and oil.

However, before attempting to sharpen your shears, read the manual from the manufacturer about the safest method, as it may not be recommended to do it this way.

Are Cordless Grass Trimmers Any Good?

Cordless grass trimmers are an efficient way to trim your garden and help to reduce the strain usually associated with this chore.

However, you need to choose one with enough power to do the job and a model that’s weighted correctly, otherwise, it can be more uncomfortable doing it this way.

Does Battery Voltage Matter Is 40v Better Than 20v?


A 40V battery has more cells than a 20V battery which usually equates to more power but doesn’t necessarily mean a better product.

When purchasing electric and battery-operated gardening tools, choosing one with more voltage is recommended if you’re after the choice with the highest amount of torque available.

How Long Does A Cordless Garden Shears Batteries Last?

The length of time a cordless garden shear lasts depends on the size and quality of the battery, as well as how hard the machine is operating.

A standard pair of cordless garden shears can operate for up to an hour or more, as it’s a smaller device that won’t wear down the battery as fast as others.

Shearing Your Way to a Beautiful Garden

A quality set of gardening shears is a must-have when tending a garden, and having a pair that’s cordless as well just sets it over the edge. If you want to take your gardening prowess into the modern age, this is one upgrade that your garden will be thankful for, and your wrist as well.

Any of our top finds would make a great addition to your gardening toolkit, and help you make light work of the task at hand.

With the best cordless grass shears at your disposal, you’ll be able to transform your garden in no time at all and bring some of the joy back into gardening that might have been missing.

Best Cordless Grass Shears In 2021 A Convenient Way to Clip 6


Gwen Johansson began gardening as a side hobby while working two jobs at around ninety hours a week. Spending Sunday mornings in the garden was her vice for the hectic week, and after helping neighbors with their gardens and being asked numerous questions, she decided to make her own free resource for others to enjoy. She now spends more time in her garden than at work, and strives to help you understand your fragrant outdoor space more than anyone else.