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ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer


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Tabor Tools Garden Sprayer


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Gartol Pump Sprayer


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Flo-Master by Hudson Pump Sprayer


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Aqueenly Pump Sprayer

Many moving parts make up a garden, and as the gardener, this means a lot of different tools to get them in order.

One of the most faithful companions that today’s gardener can have is a garden sprayer, giving you the ability to easily and efficiently deliver water, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and more to your plants.

The hunt for the best garden hose sprayer can be hard though, as there are hundreds of options out there all claiming to be the greatest.

What we do know, though, is that this is an essential tool for the garden and one that can save you hours of hard work, so it’s an investment worth taking seriously.

So, what are the best garden sprayers on the market?

To make a good garden sprayer, a product has to be the right size, easy to use, and able to house the contents you plan on spraying from it. These aren’t generally expensive products, but they’re essential to get right, so they can take hours off your usual gardening tasks each week.

If you’re on the hunt for the best lawn and garden sprayer, we’re here to help, with our recommendations for those worth looking at.

With our assistance and expert advice, you’ll find the perfect sprayer for your needs, and a way to get the results you want from a garden without all the hassle.

Making your way through the best garden sprayer reviews could take weeks, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to just a handful. These are our selections and expert recommendations for the best of the best, and all with the features and price tag that you’ve been looking for.

Best 1 Gallon Garden Sprayer: ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer

ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer
  • Size: 1 gallon
  • Pump: Hand
  • Length: 19 inches

When you want the best garden hose sprayer that’s built to last for years, you’re happy to spend a few dollars more to get it.

The ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer is built tough and comes with a durable and high-quality brass nozzle that can be adjusted to suit whatever type of spray you want.

The length of the sprayer is made up of 50 inches of hose and 19 inches of brass spray stick, giving you more than enough length to work with.

One of the best things about this pump sprayer is its size and spraying capabilities, which are made better with the huge nozzle and hose.

Customers found the included 69 inches more than enough to tackle their entire garden, and when compared to others it had quite a lot of length on them. If you want to target trees or hard to reach places with your sprayer, this is the one to choose.

Another great feature of the ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer is the pressure relief valve, as lots of others in this price range don’t have it, and especially not one that works on its own.

According to customers, when using the pump, it will automatically relieve the pressure when it gets to a certain point so you can keep on working without worrying about it stopping.

There were some minor drawbacks though, including the fact that the instructions were limited.

A few people noted that it was hard to get set up as some of the parts, like the included O rings, weren’t already loaded in and they thought they were just spares. When you try to use it without these, you’ll drizzle spray all over yourself and the garden sprayer won’t get the job done.

Another potential problem is its size, as this is a smaller sprayer at around one-gallon capacity.

Although ITISLL claims you can clean your car with it, you’d be better off leaving it to the garden to apply things like herbicides and liquid fertilizers, otherwise, you’ll be back and forth to the faucet refilling it with water every couple of minutes.

The ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer features an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to use, and it has a locking trigger on it that allows you to spray as long as you want without your finger having to do any work.

You can adjust it to suit your body and the job at hand with an adjustable task, and it’s one of the most comfortable options out there if you’d prefer not to use a backpack style sprayer.

The sprayer bottle is made with quality PE material and can house a range of liquids, providing there isn’t anything corrosive or acidic inside.

With an included safety valve that automatically relieves pressure, wear-resistant rings and seals, and filters that are anti-clogging, it appears ITISLL has truly thought of everything when designing this garden sprayer.

To keep your ITSILL Garden Pump Sprayer running longer, they recommend not using any liquids over 85 degrees Fahrenheit inside and cleaning it out if you use anything other than water in it.

The nozzle is adjustable so you can choose between direct and hard spray, or a softer mist, depending on what you need it for, and it can be done easily with just one hand.

Free shipping and free returns are included in the cost, as well as ITISLL’s one year manufacturer’s warranty. If you want a long and versatile gallon sized garden sprayer that’s been built to last, the ITISLL is our favorite pick.

Runner Up: Tabor Tools 1.3 Gallon Garden Sprayer

Tabor Tools 1.3 Gallon Garden Sprayer
  • Size: 1.3 gallons
  • Pump: Hand
  • Length: 16.5 inches

Tabor Tools has designed a plastic garden sprayer ideal for the gardener who only needs one now and then. With a 50 inch long reinforced hose and a 16.5-inch wand, it’s got enough length to tackle most gardening jobs, and can be filled with everything from water to herbicides.

With 1.3 gallons of size inside, you’ll spend less time back and forth filling it up, and it’s one of the cheapest on the market for something with this capacity.

What customers loved most about the Tabor Tools Garden Sprayer was its ease of use, and how it was capable of holding more types of liquids than other brands.

The maximum temperature of contents is 131 degrees Fahrenheit so you can apply hot liquids if you need to, as long as there’s nothing acidic or caustic inside.

Customers were also impressed with how well it handled a full day in the garden considering it was made of plastic.

This helped to make it lightweight and easy to carry around, but the plastic is durable enough to tackle many hours of work. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a garden sprayer and are happy to settle for an all plastic construction, you’ll might also be pleasantly surprised with the Tabor Tools option.

However, because this is an all plastic pump, and some customers weren’t too thrilled about its longevity, and although it did a full day of work without a sweat, they wondered about the long term.

People noted that after a year or so they started to find cracks or issues with the seals, but for something in this price range that’s to be expected. If you’re someone who uses your garden sprayer frequently, it’s better to upgrade to a model that costs around $100 rather than $20.

Another drawback to this model is the lack of pressure relief, which means you’ll have to do this all by hand.

Pumping the top of the bottle is how you can adjust the pressure and whether it needs to be relieved, which does add quite a bit of work to the job. If you want to move quick and would rather not think about this part of the process, spend more to get a sprayer that does this job for you.

The Tabor Tools Garden Sprayer is easy to use with a shut-off valve that closes the flow from the bottle with your hand, so it can be turned on and off as you need.

As a clear plastic bottle made with polyethylene, it’s easy to see when it’s time to refill, but because of the larger 1.3-gallon size this should hopefully be less frequent than other models.

On the sprayer is a range of o-rings and seals that are designed to stop leaks and prevent it from clogging up, but you’ll have to take care of this yourself and ensure you’re washing it out after every use. To fill the bottle, use the easy funnel top opening that Tabor Tools has installed, ensuring a mess free method every time.

This garden sprayer from Taber Tools has an adjustable nozzle that changes the pressure and width of the liquid, and you can have a fine mist or a hard spray.

The trigger locks on if you want it to so you don’t have to push your finger down the whole time, and if you have longer jobs that take more than a few minutes, this will be a welcome relief.

Tabor Tools offers a conditional 12 month warranty, and for this price that’s pretty good. This is a lightweight garden sprayer option for those who don’t rely on it every weekend, and a cheap way to cut time spent spraying plants and weeds.

Alternative: Gartol Pump Sprayer

Gartol Pump Sprayer
  • Size: 1.3 gallon
  • Pump: Hand
  • Length: 16 inches

If you want a budget-friendly garden sprayer that’s still tough enough to last, the Gartol Pump Sprayer is one of our top finds.

This 1.3-gallon sprayer has enough to tackle most jobs and it’s versatile enough for many uses in the garden, including irrigation, fertilization, and more. The Gartol has a 16-inch wand with a curved nozzle that can be adjusted as you need, so you can get into hard to reach places that other sprayers can’t go.

Although a cheaper alternative, customers were thrilled about the nice extras that the Gartol Pump Garden Sprayer came with.

One of their favorites is the inclusion of a pressure relief valve that can be easily lifted with one hand, so there’s no need to stop the job you’re on. Although it’s not automatic, it’s close enough, as better than can be expected for a cheap model of garden sprayer in this price range.

The bottle itself feels sturdy and although it’s made out of plastic, it’s a thicker more durable type and it has a reinforced plastic bottom that’s tough.

Just by picking it up, customers noted that they could tell it was well made and although it’s designed to be a cheap alternative to the more expensive garden sprayers, it feels as though it will last for years of gardening to come.

However, this wasn’t the easiest sprayer to use, and people found it particularly hard to get started.

As it arrives out of the box it seems stiff to use, and some customers even reported having to use pliers to loosen it up. For a cheap option, it’s not that surprising that it takes some effort, but you’d hope whatever you buy could work straight out of the box.

Another potential negative of the Gartol Pump Sprayer is the pump handle, which people found stiff as well. You may need to spend some time and energy before you get it out into the garden and loosen it up with a few pumps.

Do this before you attempt to fill up the garden sprayer otherwise, it’ll be more work for you and a lot of mess trying to do it while it’s full of herbicides or fertilizers.

Although hard to push down, you’ll only need to apply a couple of pumps to pressurize at least one bucketload worth of liquid. The bottle has a translucent grading on it so you can see what level it’s on at all times, and there’s no second-guessing when you’re trying to mix up herbicides and fertilizers.

To carry it around, you have an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap, and it weighs around 2lbs without any contents inside.

The Gartol Pump Sprayer can be used with many types of liquid, but you should avoid anything with a thick viscosity or caustic chemicals.

The wand nozzle adjusts between mist and spray, and it has a lockable shutoff that lets you spray as long as you want without any hard work. With a funnel shaped design, it won’t leak, and it utilizes a range of seals and gaskets to guarantee this.

If you want a cheap pump sprayer that still has a lot to offer, the Gartol is a great option. Although it’s a little tough to get going and requires some additional work, it’ll repay you with years of service, although there’s no official warranty offered by the manufacturer. The Gartol 1.3 Gallon Pump Sprayer comes with free shipping when you buy more than one, making it a smart sprayer to stock up on.

Best Battery Powered Garden Sprayer: Flo-Master by Hudson Pump Sprayer

Flo-Master by Hudson Pump Sprayer
  • Size: 1.3 gallon
  • Pump: Automatic
  • Length: 36 inches

Any time you add battery power to a tool it makes it instantly easier, and if this is the type of convenience you seek for your gardening supplies, you’ll love everything about the battery-operated Flo-Master by Hudson Pump Sprayer.

This is a 1.3-gallon garden sprayer with a difference as it works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which means no pumping is required to deliver the goods.

The best thing about the Flo-Master is its efficiency, and this is all thanks to the included battery.

You’re able to deliver the continuous spray to the garden without doing anything pumping, so you can walk around without a care in the world doing whatever needs to be done, whether it’s watering your plants or applying a dose of liquid fertilizer to feed them.

Customers were also thrilled to find just how long the nozzle of this sprayer was and it enabled them to reach farther than any other model they’d used. You can get up to 36 inches with the extendable wand which means reaching things like trees and plants up the back of a garden will be easy to do.

Although convenient, there were some minor drawbacks to this garden sprayer. The most obvious one is that the adjustment that turns it from mist to a harsh spray was hard to turn, and the mist itself wasn’t as fine as you’d hope.

If you’re buying a sprayer and plan to use a lot of mist coverage, you might want to take a second look around.

Another minor inconvenience was the included battery charger, with a few reviewers claiming theirs stopped working after a few months.

Thankfully, you can use a standard USB charging cord for this, but when you’re paying for a product that’s meant to have a battery charger included, it’s annoying to discover that it doesn’t work as it should.

Aside from these flaws, there are loads of features on the Flo Master by Hudson Pump Sprayer, including the padded shoulder pad that makes it easy to carry around.

You’ll be able to use a thumb operated power switch that turns it on and off, and because you’re not required to push any buttons or pump anything, this is the hardest part of the job to do.

The Flo Master by Hudson is a multipurpose pump sprayer and can be used for everything from washing your car to applying a pesticide to your garden. It has a translucent plastic tank that allows you to monitor the contents and it’s applied with a double telescoping wand that can be easily adjusted.

Using this garden sprayer is efficient, and it delivers a full gallon of liquid in less than half an hour. In this time, you can do the whole garden, and have time to spare, and it’s made easy and comfortable without causing any fatigue.

Just be sure not to use anything caustic or acidic inside, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Flo Master for years.

To get your hands on this battery-operated garden tool and save yourself lots of pain and effort, head to Amazon. They included free shipping to your door and the option of free returns should you need it. If you want to save time applying fertilizers and keeping the pests away from your garden, battery power is the way to do it.

Best Hand Held Garden Sprayer: Aqueenly Pump Sprayer

AQUEENLY Pump Sprayer
  • Size: .5 gallon
  • Pump: Hand
  • Length: N/A

When your gardening needs aren’t as plentiful as some but you still need the help of a garden sprayer, something lightweight like a handheld option is ideal.

Our pick for the best hand held garden sprayer is the Aqueenly Pump Sprayer. With just half a gallon of capacity and no need to lug around a hefty bottle, this is ideal for smaller needs, and it comes with an adjustable nozzle to get the mist or spray exactly as you need it.

The best thing about this pump sprayer is its size, and people found it much easier to maneuver when they didn’t have far-reaching spots to spray.

If you’ve tried the longer hose and nozzle garden sprayers before and found them too bulky, this compact half a gallon size will be perfect for you and easy to carry around.

Customers were also thrilled to find how versatile the spray adjustment was, and it seemed to offer more options than others when it comes to choosing how hard or soft you want it.

You can have a very fine mist that barely covers your plants or a direct and forceful spray that still reaches quite far away. Although small, it still allows you to change settings so it works exactly as you need it to.

On the downside though, it’s not the most comfortable tool to work with, especially if you’re spending a lot of time pumping. The pump is operated by hand and it takes some oomph to get going, while you’re trying to hold the bottle in the other hand and not get it knocked out.

Although there is a continuous spraying switch, you’ll still have to pump to achieve the right pressure, so keep this in mind.

Customers also didn’t like the handle and found it uncomfortable as well, so it doesn’t seem the Aqueenly Pump Sprayer is ideal for all day use.

There are grooves for your fingers but it only feels right for people with petite hands, so if you’re average sized or taller, you’ll need to look again. As a smaller model, it’s not surprising to find that the rest of its parts are compact, but it might limit how often you can comfortably use it in the garden.

The Aqueenly Pump Sprayer is constructed with a durable PE material so it’ll last for many years, and it can be used indoors and outdoors provided you take correct care of it.

Previous customers have used their Aqueenly to wash pets, apply pest control liquids, and for everyday home cleaning, making it a savvy multipurpose tool and suited for more than just gardening.

The bottle is translucent so you can keep a check on what’s inside, but it’s not ideal for everything, so keep it to the basics like herbicides and fertilizers.

You should avoid adding anything corrosive or acidic inside, and as soon as you’re done using it, make sure to rinse all of the parts, including the smaller O-rings and rubber seals that come with it.

If you only have minimal needs for a garden sprayer and think the best garden tank sprayer is far too large, the compact Aqueenly Pump Sprayer is the way to go. Although small, it’s a dynamo sprayer and proves that things don’t have to come in large packages to be effective.

Garden Sprayer FAQs

Equipping yourself with the best garden pump sprayer means you can tackle so many different jobs, whether it’s watering plants or applying herbicide to keep the nasties away.

If you want to learn more about their capabilities to see if it’s an investment worth making, check out these FAQs to educate yourself further.

What Size Of Garden Sprayer Do I Need?


The size capacity of a garden sprayer should suit the job you’re using it for, whether it’s watering the plants or applying some sort of herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer.

Determine what you plan to use it for and check the labels of the products to see how much size is recommended, and then shop according to those guidelines.

How Far Can A Garden Sprayer Spray?

All garden sprayers are designed differently, but the average spray length is between a couple of feet and up to 30 feet.

These longer reaching garden sprayers are usually operated with a large pump mechanism that allows them to reach further, but it might not be required for all types of garden configurations.

How Much Should You Pump Your Garden Sprayer?


The best way to operate your garden sprayer will be documented in the instruction manual, as each of them works differently with their pressurization.

Some models only require a small number of pumps to get the liquid through to the nozzle and others will need up to 30 to get started, so it depends on the make and model.

Can You Spray Pesticide With A Pressure Washer?

You should never attempt to place pesticide inside of a pressure washer, as these machines were not designed for this purpose and will rot away within a short amount of time.

If you need to apply large amounts of pesticide, using a garden sprayer that’s capable of holding these types of chemicals is the best approach, and can make the job easier.

How Do You Spray Tall Trees With Pesticides?

If you have to target tall trees with pesticides, you can use a garden sprayer with a long nozzle and enough reach to get up high.

However, if this won’t work, there are specific tree sprayers available designed to target these taller spots and their settings can be adjusted to the size of the tree you’re working on.

A Multipurpose Tool for Every Garden

No matter the size of your garden or what you’ve got planted in it, chances are you can benefit from investing in a garden sprayer.

These tools can do it all whether you want to fertilize your flowers or wash your car, and cut the amount of hard work and time you spend in the garden, giving you more time for the enjoyable parts.

Our recommendations for the best garden sprayers come in all shapes and sizes, and with varying specifications and price tags as well. Any one of these will be an asset to your garden and take the load off from you, making them one of the most efficient multipurpose tools you could put to work.

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