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HandyLandy Pruning Gloves


Best Gardening Gloves For Getting Down And Dirty In The Garden 2


Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves


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Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves


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HandyLandy Cowhide Leather Gardening Glove


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FZTEY Gardening Gloves

No matter what you’re growing, where your garden bed is, or the task at hand, you’ll always do it better with a pair of gardening gloves on.

Gloves are the ultimate gardening accessory and can help with so many essential tasks, whether it’s pruning back the roses or digging in the dirt.

The right pair of gardening gloves can be a gamechanger, and whether you’re an amateur green thumb or have been relishing in the joys of gardening for years, you’ll know this to be true. With so many options out there and features designed for certain types of gardeners, knowing which are best can be a challenge.

What are the best gardening gloves out there, then? 

Depending on what your primary purpose is when wearing them, you might find a glove better suited to pruning, removing thorns, digging soil, or just a good multipurpose accessory. You’ll also have to factor in personal preferences like size, materials, and length, so you can get the perfect fit for your hands.

There’s no stopping a gardener equipped with the best garden gloves, and no matter how much time you spend in the garden or what you do in it, you’ll appreciate the difference they make.

We’re here to help you achieve just that with our expert picks in every category, from gardening gloves long styles to those made for roses, and everything in between.


HandyLandy Pruning Gloves


  • Sizes: Small, medium, large
  • Material: Pigskin leather
  • Waterproof: No

Our number one choice for the best gardening gloves for men and women come from HandyLandy with their Pruning Gloves.

These gloves are made of 100% premium pigskin leather and come in sizes small, medium, and large, with one to suit every user. There are three color options of pink, beige, and brown, and HandyLandy has designed them with an elbow-length cuff for better protection.


  • The length of these gloves was a gamechanger for so many people and it offered protection all the way up to the elbow. Rather than just covering the wrists and hands, you won’t get any scratches or scrapes on your forearms, so you can get in deep to the garden.The length of these gloves was a gamechanger for so many people and it offered protection all the way up to the elbow. Rather than just covering the wrists and hands, you won’t get any scratches or scrapes on your forearms, so you can get in deep to the garden.
  • The HandyLandy Pruning Gloves have great breathability thanks to the soft pigskin leather they’re made of. Even those working in warmer climates found them comfortable and customers were happy to find they didn’t get filled with sweat on a hot summer’s day.
  • These are the best gardening gloves for thorns because they feature reinforced padding in the important areas. If you’re after gardening gloves for thorns and want to be sure they’re puncture resistant, these are the way to go.


  • Despite all of their durability, these gloves aren’t waterproofed so you have to be careful about how you use them. The care instructions are a little more detailed and you won’t want to keep them wet if they accidentally get sprayed or rained on, which adds some extra work, but they will eventually dry out to be soft again with the right care.
  • The large size is better suited to a women’s large hand so if you’re a man looking to buy these gloves, you’ll want to make sure they fit. Check the HandyLandy measurements for each size before committing otherwise you could be disappointed.


The HandyLandy Pruning Gloves are one of a kind and a great choice for gardening gloves for roses or digging in the soil. Amazon has them listed for the best price online with the small, medium, and large sizes all costing the same at around $17. You’ll have to pay a small fee for freight, but Amazon offers free returns on these gloves, should anything go wrong.

HandyLandy has thought of everything a gardener could need when designing these gloves, and they’re durable and reliable no matter what you’re working with. Head to Amazon to get your hands on them and see the difference that soft pigskin leather can make in the garden.


Best Gardening Gloves For Getting Down And Dirty In The Garden 6


  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Material: Goatskin Leather
  • Waterproof: No

Legacy Gardens has created a soft and durable accessory with their gardening gloves made of goatskin leather. These gloves come in sizes starting from small and ranging to extra, extra-large so they’re great for men, women, and kids, with a basic brown design on every pair.

The Legacy Gardens gloves are breathable, made of hypoallergenic materials, and durable enough to protect from punctures and scrapes, with a length that goes midway up your forearm for protection.


  • Legacy Gardens makes their gardening gloves in a much wider range of sizes, so they can be used by everyone. if you want gardening gloves that kids and adults can enjoy, you’ll appreciate the bigger selection of sizes.
  • These are a breathable glove that makes it easier to move with and won’t end up feeling stiff after some use. Even if you get the gloves wet, just dry them out as soon as possible, and they’ll go back to feeling just as soft as they did the first time you wore them.
  • As heavy duty gloves, you can use these for everything in the garden, even tackling rose bushes and keeping poison ivy away. The leather is still breathable but durable too, so you’ll never get pricked again, and they’re great gardening gloves for thorns.


  • Some customers found a discoloration on their hands and wrists after wearing the gloves for long periods. This appears to be from the brown dye that was used to treat the leather, and although it comes off with some scrubbing, it’s not what you hope to find when you put on a pair of new gloves.
  • The extra large size is extremely large, and people who assumed they would fit this size were shocked to find how big they were. Check the size guide offered by Legacy Gardens so this doesn’t happen to you, otherwise, you’ll need to return them for a smaller option.


If you’ve been looking for a larger size glove but didn’t want to give up on the comfort factor, you’ll love the Legacy Gloves Leather Gardening Gloves. These gloves are available online at Amazon and come in plenty of size options, each one priced at around $20 regardless of the size you choose. 

Legacy Gloves doesn’t offer a warranty or satisfaction guarantee and there are no free returns from Amazon either, so make sure you check the size chart closely. If you prefer a mid-forearm length leather glove that’s soft and reliable, you’ll love these from Legacy.


Best Gardening Gloves For Getting Down And Dirty In The Garden 7


  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Waterproof: Yes

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves are a lightweight alternative for people who’d rather not use leather gloves but still want a comfortable and durable fit.

Their gardening gloves come in sizes from small through to extra, extra-large, and are made of bamboo with a light rubber covering that protects your fingers. These light gloves come up to the wrist and offer mid-level protection and are suited to gardeners who like to do it all with their gloves on hand.


  • The fact that these gloves are made of bamboo and not leather makes them more affordable and means people were comfortable getting messy with them. Compared to leather gloves, you can buy a couple of pairs and have a backup without potentially breaking the bank.
  • The level of control that the Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves offers is unlike any other and if you regularly work with finicky jobs or tasks that require you to use your fingers, this will be hugely beneficial.
  • Bamboo is a breathable fabric and users who worked in hot conditions were appreciative of this fact. If you live in a warmer climate and don’t like the build-up of sweat and heat that other materials come with, the lightness of bamboo will be an instant relief.


  • Although better suited to jobs that require fingers, they’re not as protective as other leather gloves when it comes to thorns. Some users found that with harsher jobs like getting into thorny bushes, it was better to stick to something longer and made of thicker materials.
  • Compared to leather gloves, you might find that you work your way through a pair of these more regularly. They’re more durable than a cotton or hemp glove for sure, but not as much as leather, so it depends on how you plan on using them whether they’re going to be suitable.


Pine Tree Tools offers a full satisfaction guarantee for their customers and if you don’t love their gloves as much as others do, you can get a refund. This alone makes them worth the risk, and their low price of less than $14 a pair when you purchase online at Amazon means they’re more affordable than premium leather gloves.

These gloves are good for everyday use in the garden without having to worry about damaging them, but not as useful when it comes to tough prickles and spikes. Pine Tree Tools offers a softer glove that is more of a multipurpose accessory for general yard work and gardening, so if this sounds more your style, they won’t disappoint.


HandyLandy Cowhide Leather Gardening Glove


  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large
  • Material: Cowhide leather
  • Waterproof: No

HandyLandy has created an affordable and durable pair of leather work gloves that are ideal for the garden and all other kinds of jobs around the home.

These cowhide leather gloves come up to the wrist and feature a safety cuff for your protection, as well as breathable spandex back to slide on easily and fit comfortably no matter your size. The HandyLandy Cowhide Gloves come in all sizes from small to extra extra-large and are ideal for men and women who work in tougher conditions in the garden.


  • These cowhide leather gloves are some of the cheapest on the market if you still want the feel and durability of leather. Compared to others, they’re almost $10 cheaper but made to last, so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get the benefits of this material.
  • The HandyLandy gloves were designed to be a hybrid between a performance glove and a gardening glove, giving you the best of both worlds. They offer dexterity and flexibility while also protecting your hands from everything that comes at you in the garden so feel different from the usual gardening glove you might have used in the past.
  • The material used to make these gloves is exceptional for harsher jobs in the garden, including pulling prickles and working with cactus thorns. If you plan on tackling harder tasks and want to stay protected, they’re an affordable option.


  • These gloves can get pretty hot and although they feature a cotton lining to help wick away moisture, it doesn’t bring the temperature down. If you live somewhere hot or prefer not to have sweat hands in the garden, you’ll want to choose another pair.
  • Some customers found the HandyLandy Leather Gloves a little bulky, but this could also have to do with the sizing. Make sure you’re following the size guide offered by the manufacturer to avoid some of the extra bulk that people mentioned feeling.


If you want a cheaper way to buy leather gardening gloves, this pair from HandyLandy ticks all of the boxes. Amazon has them listed online for a budget-friendly price of around $12 which is the cheapest we’ve found for leather gloves that are this durable. There’s no satisfaction guarantee or returns offered by Amazon though, so you’ll have to take the happy reviewers’ word for it.

For those who want toughness over a slim fitting design, you won’t mind the extra bulk that HandyLandy delivers with these leather gloves. They’ll protect you from the worst of the worst in the garden and as long as you’re not working anywhere too hot, you’ll be able to do it in comfort.


FZTEY Gardening Gloves


  • Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large
  • Material: Cowhide leather
  • Waterproof: No

The FZTEY Gardening Gloves are a simple but efficient way to keep your hands protected while you work. These are the best gardening gloves for women and men who prefer to keep things basic, and they’re made of a soft suede cowhide leather that feels like a dream to wear. The FZTEY Gardening Gloves come in three sizes of small, medium, and large, with the option to change the color as well, with pink, green, or violet to choose from.


  • The soft suede used to make the FZTEY Gardening Gloves means a much nicer feeling on your hands. If you’ve found other gloves irritating or don’t like the rough feel of certain materials, these will be a gamechanger.
  • The FZTEY gloves are lightweight and breathable which makes them perfect for warmer climates. Because they’re designed to be a lighter type of glove, they don’t tackle thorns well but will keep you cool and comfortable as you work for hours.
  • The design of these is appealing and are a much prettier and more feminine look than others we’ve reviewed. If you’re shopping for kids or prefer something prettier to garden with, you’ll like this softer touch.


  • The size options are minimal here and judging by previous reviews, they’re not the best choice for people with larger hands. It seems like FZTEY Gardening Gloves are better for women and children or men with average to smaller size hands, so keep this in mind.
  • They’re not a heavy duty glove so they shouldn’t be used as ferociously as others and won’t protect you against cactus, roses, or other prickly plants. Although made with cowdie leather, it’s more of a softer suede, and won’t last with regular use. These are a good choice for weekend gardeners or those who only get out into the yard once a month.
  • Try to avoid getting your FZTEY Gardening Gloves wet as they don’t appear to get their shape or feel back as well as others. These gloves will harden after they’ve been wet and dried so don’t do anything to get them drenched.


The best place to buy the FZTEY Gardening Gloves is online at Amazon, with the marketplace offering them for between $8 to $15 depending on size. This is the first brand we’ve seen charge more for a larger glove, so be prepared to pay a little extra if you want the large size.

These are the ideal glove for gardeners who don’t work every day and only need something lightweight for potting plants and pruning. FZTEY has created a beautiful and lightweight gardening glove that doesn’t cost a fortune, and if you can find a size that fits, we’re certain you’ll love them too.

Gardening Glove FAQs

Gardening Gloves

The gardening glove is a simple accessory and one that no gardener should be without. These gloves protect our hands and the greenery we’re working with, making the job cleaner and safer too.

If you’re still unsure about what a pair of gloves can offer, check out these FAQs for a little more insight into the must-have gardening accessory.


It’s always a good idea to wear gloves while gardening as there are a few risks to be found.

Sharp objects like thorns and prickles can hurt, many common garden soils feature ingredients that can be harmful when ingested, and the use of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides require protective gear when being applied.


Leather is a common material for gardening gloves and is usually found in the more durable styles.

When working with something sharp, gardening gloves for thorns and prickles are usually made of leather or something hard-wearing, as it protects your hands and fingers from getting hurt.


Gardening gloves are usually designed to be washed as they regularly get dirty but you should follow specific care instructions to ensure you’re doing it right.

Gloves made of leather and other materials may not be machine washable, so do as recommended by the manufacturer to keep them in good condition during cleaning.


You can clean cloth gloves in a standard washing machine using hot water and regular clothes detergent which will do a good job of disinfecting them. Avoid adding any chemicals like bleach to the mixture, though, as these can damage them permanently.

The Ultimate Gardening Accessory

The Ultimate Gardening Accessory

Every gardener needs a trusty pair of gardening gloves, and for those serious about their favorite hobby, usually more than one.

With a good pair of gloves on your hands, you can get down and dirty in the garden without a second thought, and there’ll be no risk of injury or contamination from all that you’re working with.

Our expert reviews of the best gardening gloves on the market cover the top of the market and any of them will make your hands proud. Whatever it is you like to garden and however you spend your time in the soil, any of these recommendations will make the job easier and cleaner, too.

Best Gardening Gloves For Getting Down And Dirty In The Garden 8


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