The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings







The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings 1


Feit Electric Grow Tube Light


The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings 2


Giixer 600W Grow Light


The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings 3

Phlizon 600W Grow Light


The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings 4

Roleadro Grow Light


The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings 5


iPower 1000 Watt Light Kit

Seedlings are sensitive things and they require the perfect conditions to allow them to sprout. Most people put a few seedlings on a windowsill and hope that nature will do the rest, only to be disappointed to find that it’s not enough light to get them moving.

The savvy gardener has other tricks up their sleeve though and invests in some grow lights to help the process along. With a set of grow lights for seedlings, you’ll be able to provide them with optimal artificial sunshine and have them sprouting and ready to be planted in no time at all.

How do you choose the best grow lights for seedlings, though?

A good set of grow lights needs to be made specifically for plants, with enough light for the seedlings below it, and able to be set up according to your indoor garden. There are further options like LED lights and others, as well as complete lighting kits, so it’s up to you to find one that best matches your gardening goals.

If you’re feeling stuck on how to source the best lights for growing seedlings, help is on the way. We’ve got a list of our favorite lights for this very purpose and what makes each of them a good choice for helping healthy seedlings survive and thrive as soon as they’re sprouted.

Indoor gardening has become a huge hit in recent years, and there’s no better place to start the indoor process than with seedlings. These are our recommendations for the best grow lamps for seedlings and the lights that guarantee a higher survival rate and healthier plants in the process.

Winner: Feit Electric Grow Tube Light

feit electric grow tube light


Sizes: 1.73 x 23.33 x 4.9 inches
Type: LED
Power: 19 watts

Feit Electric has combined energy efficiency with a powerful plant growing system in their Grow Tube Light designed for seedlings. Powered up by just 19 watts but with a 24-inch LED grow light fixture, you’ll grow more with less, and with a five-foot cord that gives you plenty of room to move. This lamp from Feit features dual spectrum lights with a 450Nm blue and 655Nm red spectrum that’s especially effective for sprouting and budding plants.


  • If you want a gentle and effective light source, this is one of the best. The Feit Electric Grow Tube Light is the best LED grow light for seedlings because it’s not overpowering and won’t deliver a lot of heat.
  • According to customers, the quality of the Feit Electric lights is what set them apart, and what makes the brand a fan favorite after 40 years. If you only want to invest in one set of lights for your seedlings, you can feel safe choosing this brand to deliver.
  • With slightly more of the red lights, these lights are better suited to seedlings. This color spectrum is ideal for fruiting, budding, and flowering, which are all essential at the start of the growth process.


  • This isn’t the most powerful light setup so don’t try to use it for much else other than seedlings and small plant setups. Those who have attempted to use just one of these light strips for their indoor grow tent were let down, so don’t try to make it something that it’s not.
  • Some customers found the Feit Electric light to be a little flimsy when they took it out of the packaging. Although it didn’t appear to affect how the lights operated, people mentioned that it was a lightweight grow light that seemed as if it could break at any moment.

Buying Advice

If you want the best LED lights for growing plants from seedlings, everything about the Feit Electric Grow Tube Light delivers. You can get this 24-inch tube light for the best price online at Amazon, costing around $40 with free shipping included, and with great energy efficiency to reduce running costs.

For its size and effectiveness, you won’t find a better deal, and if you want a seedling specific light, it’s our favorite. Amazon offers a 30 day free returns policy and you’ll get an impressive three year manufacturer’s warranty from Feit Electric to seal the deal. Whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you’ll be guaranteed healthier and stronger seedlings when using this light.

Runner Up: Giixer 600W Grow Light

giixer grow light


Sizes: 15.59 x 9.69 x 4.25 inches
Type: LED
Power: 600W

Giixer has created the ultimate seedling grow light that can be used in later stages of plant growth as well, thanks to the 600-watt lamps and dual-chip 10W lights.

With a switch that allows you to change between veg and bloom, you’ll get the ideal conditions every time, and it features full-spectrum lighting to replicate the sun. The entire setup measures 15.59 x 9.69 x 4.25 inches and is ideal for around 2.5 feet square of seedling growth underneath.


  • This is a full spectrum light that includes red, blue, yellow, white, and more. With all of these colors, it mimics the natural sunlight best, which means better results for your seedlings and optimal growth.
  • Compared to other grow lights on the market, the Giixer has been designed to last longer. You’ll get years of use from this setup before it starts to fail you, so although it costs a little more in the initial investment, it means you won’t be replacing it any time soon.
  • If you want an energy-efficient grow lamp that still has a lot of power, you’ll like this design. Customers were thrilled to find that it only used around 70 watts of power although it emitted up to 600 watts. You’ll save money and energy thanks to its unique design.


  • The Giixer 600W Grow Lamp can be a little harsh so you have to monitor its use more carefully. Only ever use it above seedlings when the “veg” switch is turned on, otherwise, you’ll kill the seedlings and will have a very low survival rate in the long term.
  • Some customers found that they had to raise these lights above the standard level for better results, or they were burned. You may need to spend some more time during installation to monitor the correct levels so you can get the best results.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for the most powerful best grow lights for vegetable seedlings, flower seedlings, and everything in between, the Giixer 600W Grow Lamp is one of our favorites. This dynamic grow lamp is available on Amazon for around $50 which includes free shipping to your door, and a promise that it’ll be replaced if the glass happens to be broken on arrival.

Giixer covers this light with a two year limited warranty and they offer ongoing customer service, should you have any issues. This is a powerful choice for helping your seedlings grow and gives you the option to switch to other lighting setups in the future, making it a great investment for any indoor gardener.

Alternative: Phlizon 600W Grow Light

phlizon grow light


Sizes: 15.75 x 2.36 x 6.69 inches
Type: LED
Power: 600W

The Phlizon 600W Grow Light is one of the best grow lights for indoor vegetables and plants, as it offers a gentle way to grow seedlings with its veg function and a more powerful boost of light for when It’s blooming.

The light measures 15.75 x 2.36 x 6.69 inches and is suitable for a 2 x 2 foot grow setup, with double cooling fans included keeping the heat away. This is a full spectrum light with blue, red, and white LEDs and features 60 10watt LED bulbs in total.


  • The Phlizon Grow Lamp doesn’t feature a reflector which is a nice bonus, as some others do which can lead to overheating. This is especially ideal if you’re buying a light just for seedlings as it will protect them in the process.
  • Customers loved the compact size of this lamp which made it perfect for seedling setups rather than large grow tents and other big spaces. If you only want something small, it’s designed for no more than 2 x 2 feet setups, so it’s perfect for your seeds.
  • You get the option of using either the “veg” or “bloom” light setup which can be turned on at different stages of growth. When the seedlings are first starting out, the “veg” switch is most effective and gives just the right amount of light.


  • The fans on these lights are incredibly noisy and if you plan on sleeping with them nearby, you have to be prepared. Most of these lights come with a fan option to assist with ventilation and heat distribution but it seems that the Phlizon Grow Light has gone over the top and annoyed some customers.
  • For a 600W watt fan, this is one of the more expensive options, and only has a few features that would make it worth this extra money for some. Depending on what you need for a growing light, you may be able to opt for a cheaper option that still gets the job done for your seedlings.

Buying Advice

The Phlizon 600W Grow Light is available online at Amazon for around $60, offering one of the more expensive options for a lamp this size. Amazon will ship the lamp for free and give you the option to upgrade to a 900W option for around $110 or a 1200W light for $130, both likely being too much for a seedling setup, though.

Phlizon covers these lights with a 30-day money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with your purchase. They also offer a two year manufacturer’s warranty to cover any defects, which is a great deal at this price. If you want a grow light for a smaller 2 x 2-foot setup that’s ideal for seedlings, the Phlizon 600 Watt Grow Lamp is one of the customer’s favorites.

Alternative: Roleadro Grow Light

roleadro grow light


Sizes: 10.87 x 10.87 x 0.55 inches
Type: LED
Power: 75 watt

Roleadro has created a simple and effective grow light that’s ideal for sprouting seedlings indoors and comes with 75 watts of power. This light measures around 11 x 11 inches in size and comes in either red and blue or yellow colors to suit your growing needs. With a built-in aluminum cooling plate, you’ll ensure a gentler way to grow seedlings, and minimize the chance of overheating.


  • This is one of the easiest light setups to get going and is perfect for beginners. You’ll get everything you need including brackets for hanging and a power cord, so there’s no need to reach for another tool or part. Just plug it in and set it up above the seedlings to get started.
  • The light spectrum in the Roleadro Grow Light features a 460-465nm, 620-740nm, and 6000-6500 wave band which is a diverse spectrum of light. This is great for seedlings and helps to replicate natural sunlight so you can bloom and sprout your seedlings all year round.
  • The Roleadro Light is the cheapest on the market if you’re hoping to save money and lets you get a full seedling setup with minimal upfront costs. There’s no need to spend a fortune to get an LED grow light for your seedlings, and this one proves it.


  • The Roleadro Grow Light is pretty small and customers were shocked to find its size looked even smaller when it arrived. At the longest part it’s less than 11 inches and would only suit a compact setup, so make sure you do some measurements at home before you commit.
  • The light coming from this lamp isn’t the strongest and would only be considered the best light for growing tomatoes or other seedlings that don’t require a lot of heat. If you have greater needs, purchasing two might be required, which means the once cost-efficient benefit it offered is no longer valid.

Buying Advice

Amazon has the best price for the Roleadro Grow Light currently available, so you’ll only pay around $30 for the setup. This is one of the cheapest seedling lights we’ve found while still being effective at facilitating growth, so if you’re new to seedlings and want to take it slow, this will be ideal.

Roleadro covers their lights with a full 30 month manufacturer’s warranty which protects your investment and proves the quality of this brand. If you’re after a compact grow light to suit your seedlings and want to offer a gentler light emission, you’ll love everything about this one.

Best Grow Light Kit: iPower 1000 Watt Light Kit

ipower 1000 watt light kit


Type: HPS bulb
Power: 1000 watt

If you want a complete lighting kit without having to second guess its efficiency, the iPOwer 1000 Watt Light Kit is the way to go. Within this kit, you’ll get a 1000 watt dimmable bulb, six-inch cooling tube, add-on wings, and a six-inch air-cooled hood reflector. This complete setup is ideal for spaces up to 4 x 4 feet and comes with everything you need to grow seedlings to perfection.


  • Having a complete setup like this is the only way to go for serious gardeners. Not only do you get the grow lamp but other important elements like a reflector and heavy-duty lamp cord. There’s no need to purchase anything else to start growing like a pro.
  • The quality of everything within the iPower 1000 Watt Light Kit is superb and customers were thrilled to find just how well made it is. This is exceptional value for money when you consider the commercial build of it.
  • There’s a lot more adjustability with this light compared to others we’ve reviewed. You’ll be able to adjust it with the dimmer to exactly what your seedlings need so they’re covered every step of the way. This reduces overheating and ensures an efficient growth cycle.


  • Set up can be challenging if you’ve never worked with a grow lamp or light kit like this before. It will take a while to get everything installed and put together, as well as an additional testing time for temperatures and lighting conditions.
  • For most people growing basic seedlings at home, the lighting kit could be overkill. This type of installation is better left to professional gardeners or those who have a larger space to work with.

Buying Advice

If you only need something simple like the best lights for growing herbs indoors, the iPower is going to be too much. However, if a commercial or serious setup is your goal, you’ll be happy to pay the price of around $200 for it, listed on Amazon. This kit comes with everything you need, but you’ll have to be savvy to know how to install it.

iPower offers just one year warranty on the kit, which could be more, but you’ll also get free returns and free shipping when you shop with Amazon. If you’re ready to up the ante and increase the number of seedlings you’re growing, the iPower 1000 Watt Light Kit is the only way to go.

FAQs About Grow Lights For Seedlings

benefits of Lights for seedlings

A seedling is only as good as the light that surrounds it, and with this in mind, there’s no better time to invest in a grow light for your indoor setup.

If you still want to learn more about the purpose of these lights and how they can help, read on to see the answers to some FAQs that beginners have about them.

Are LED Lights Good For Growing Seedlings?

LED lights are the most popularly used lights for growing seedlings as they emit less heat than traditional fluroscent lights and generally cost less to run.

Their minimal heat production allows the gardener to control the temperature better and keeps unwanted heat away from sensitive seedlings, which can do them damage.

How Far Should A Grow Light Be From Seedlings?

To determine the length a grow light should be from seedlings, it’s best to consider the wattage of the lights.

In general, though, a standard LED light setup should be placed between 24 and 36 inches above the seedlings, otherwise, it has the potential to burn and hurt them.

Can Seedlings Get Too Much Light?

Although a seedling can’t get too much light, it can get too much heat. This is another benefit of using grow lights for seedlings as you’re able to control the heat as well as how many hours a day the lights are on above them.

These controlled conditions are what ensures the optimal growth of seedlings.

How Many Hours A Day Should Grow Lights Be On?

A plant needs a good amount of darker conditions each day to thrive and the same goes for seedlings.

With a grow light setup, you should only have them on for between 14 to 18 hours per day, depending on specific conditions. Leaving a grow light on over seedlings for 24 hours a day will result in poor health and a low survival rate.

Growing Strong and Steady Seeds

Best Grow Lights For Seedlings

Without a quality seedling to start the growth process, the end result will be a weak and problem-prone plant. Using the best grow light for seedlings ensures no spindly or weak seedlings, which means only the finest specimens will emerge from it some day as a healthy plant.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a light setup for your seedlings, any of our recommendations will do the trick. Having one of the best lamps or lights to facilitate growth is a must-have investment for keen gardeners and ensures only the strongest seedlings are sprouted.


The Buying Guide to the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings 6


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