Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution







Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution 1


Remington Ranger II Pole Saw


Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution 2

Sun Joe 10 Inch Corded Pole Saw


Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution 3

Ryobi One+ 8 Inch Pole Saw


Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution 4


Trimmer Plus Pole Saw


Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution 5

Makita 10 Inch Pole Saw Attachment

A chainsaw is the most effective way to clear through branches, brush, and twigs, and it does so with a cutting prowess that’s undeniable.

What about when you need something cut that’s a little higher, and the chainsaw, unfortunately, can’t get the job done?

A pole saw is the simple solution here, offering all of the benefits of a chainsaw with an obvious advantage: its length.

This tool is like a chainsaw with an extendable reach and it’s a must-have if you regularly deal with jobs that are too far for your usual tools to get to so that you can cut safely and efficiently.

What are the best pole saw options out there?

A good pole saw needs to be long enough to reach where it has to go, with enough power to cut through the materials and powered by your chosen source, whether that’s batteries or gas. You’ll first need to determine what your yard needs in a pole saw, and that will help direct your search to one that ticks all of the boxes.

If you spend a lot of time with your chainsaw in the garden but need the length that it’s sorely missing, investing in the best rated pole saw is the way to go. To figure out what they are, we’ve compiled some of our top picks, so you have a selection of only the best to choose from.

Pole saws come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s guaranteed to be one out there that suits your gardening style and needs. We’ve found the best options on the market in all price ranges, and with varying specs and features, giving you only the top performers to choose from.

Best Overall: Remington Ranger II Pole Saw

Remington Ranger II Pole Saw and Chainsaw
  • Type: Pole saw and chainsaw
  • Weight:
  • Cordless or Attachment: Corded

To get a powerful and length pole saw, there’s no need to shop for the best gas pole saw, and this corded model from Remington can get the job done.

The Ranger II is a two in one pole saw and chainsaw, equipped with a 10-foot extendable pole that attaches to a 10-inch chainsaw, and when both of them work together there’s no end to what they can achieve.

What customers loved most about the Remington Ranger II was its reach, which had at least a foot on its competitors. The maximum length you’ll be able to prune and cut is around 15 feet, so most trees in your yard should be easily managed.

This depends on the height of the user as well, but as a general guideline, it’s one of the top performers. If you don’t want to go up high, it’s not hard to switch to just a chainsaw, giving you two products for the price of one.

The major letdown with this pole saw is its weight, which can take some extra work to get used to.

You’ll have to figure out how to maneuver it best as it weighs a few pounds more than others this size, and although it gives it a feeling of being more durable, it’s not always the easiest to get into tight spaces.

The Remington Ranger II Pole Saw features an 8amp electric motor that powers up the chain and gets to work instantly. You’ll only need to attach an extension lead to get it as far as you need it, and it starts up with the push of a button, unlike other gas models.

This electric pole saw is completely adjustable to suit your height needs and has a telescoping pole design that can work at any length. For your safety, the Ranger II features a non-slip grip handle and anti-rotation pole that ensures it stays exactly where you want it when you’re in the middle of cutting and pruning.

Remington Ranger II Pole Saw offers free shipping, free returns, and a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer, making it a nice little package. To get the versatility of a chainsaw and pole saw in the one product, the Remington Ranger II is our favorite pick.

Runner Up: Sun Joe 10 Inch Corded Pole Saw

Sun Joe 10 Inch Corded Pole Saw
  • Type: Pole saw
  • Weight: 7.9lbs
  • Cordless or Attachment: Corded

When you need greater control over what you’re trimming, a compact pole saw like the Sun Joe 10 Inch Pole Saw is best.

This chainsaw is full of features that guarantee a clear and precise cut, including an adjustable head that goes from zero to 30 degrees and lightweight construction of just 7.9lbs for easy handling.

This is one of the easiest pole saws to handle by far, and if you’ve been worried about trying out this type of tool because you fear you won’t be able to control it, the Sun Joe is a good choice.

It’s lightweight without feeling flimsy and you can easily maneuver it to trim what you need, and this includes even the smallest of branches.

On the downside though, it’s not the longest chainsaw, and although lightweight it shouldn’t be used for anything too high.

As the pole only extends up to 8.8 feet it has slightly less than others, which means it’s limited in what it can do. However, if you only have hedges and shorter trees to manage, this won’t be a bother.

The Sun Joe 10 Inch outperforms the best battery pole saw as it operates with a corded attachment that can be extended out to as far as you need. It works with an 8 amp motor that provides it with its torque, and it can be used to tackle branches and logs that are up to 9.5 inches in thickness.

The 10-inch chainsaw attached to this pole is a powerful beast with the total unit measuring 5.5 x 3.6 x 96 inches, but it can’t be detached like others and used as a standalone tool.

However, the Sun Joe Pole Saw comes in a range of colors not usually found in power and gardening tools, and if you want something to match your vibrant personality this is it.

To equip yourself with a lightweight but powerful pole saw head to Amazon to grab this one from Sun Joe. There are other options for packages, including an extension lead or oil, giving you plenty of ways to save money.

The Sun Joe 10 Inch Corded Pole Saw comes with a two year limited warranty from the date of purchase and ongoing customer support from the manufacturer, making it another stellar electric gardening tool from the brand that does it all.

Alternative: Ryobi One+ 8 Inch Pole Saw

Ryobi One+ 8 Inch Pole Saw
  • Type: Pole saw
  • Weight: 7.4lbs
  • Cordless or Attachment: Cordless

If you want a cordless pole saw and would rather steer clear of gas, the Ryobi One+ 8 Inch Pole Saw is a fan favorite.

Although not the best gas powered pole saw, it gets the job done with its 18V lithium-ion battery that provides enough running time to do as many cuts as you need. You can replace it with another battery designed with the One+ range if you have it, but there’s unfortunately not one included in this set.

Customers’ favorite thing about this pole saw was how it handled the job, and this is thanks mainly to the 30-degree swiveling head.

You can angle the head to exactly where you need it before cutting, so even branches on tight angles can be seen to without doing any unnecessary damage, and giving it the title of the best pole saw pruner.

However, it doesn’t have the thickest cutting diameter, which is to be expected from a chainsaw that only features an eight-inch bar on it.

If you have thick branches or plan on cutting down entire trees, you’ll want to pay for an upgrade, as the Ryobi One+ 8 Inch can’t handle anything like it. Considering it’s one of the most expensive options and doesn’t even include the battery, you may feel disappointed in this fact.

This device weighs 7.4lbs without the battery inserted, so you can expect another pound or so to be added to the final weight.

The measurements are 41 x 6.3 x 10.3 inches and it has a decent reach of 9.5 feet which should give you close to 14 feet of overhead use; more than enough to tackle high trees, branches, and even prune the top of your hedges.

The Ryobi One+ 8 Inch Cordless Pole Saw features an eight-inch cutting bar and is capable of cutting around 18 feet per second. With automatic oiling and easy one push button start, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to use, even if you’ve never attempted pruning or trimming with a pole saw before.

This best battery powered pole saw that makes matters easier doesn’t include the battery but includes shipping and returns, as well as the warranty from Ryobi for two years. If you want the best cordless pole saw and believe battery power is king, the Ryobi One+ 8 Inch Pole Saw is the way to go.

Best Pole Saw Attachments: Trimmer Plus Pole Saw

Trimmer Plus Pole Saw
  • Type: Trimmer and Pole Saw
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Cordless or Attachment: Attachment

If you want an eight-inch pole saw that’s capable of so much more, the Trimmer Plus is one of the best.

Trimmer Plus designs a range of gardening tools that are meant to make it easy and cheap to switch between them, and this is the best gas pole saw for the money because of it.

This pole saw attachment features an eight-inch bar and chain that makes light work of your branches, and without being too heavy or overpowering, and it clips on to most trimmers.

The best thing about this pole saw is how well it cuts for something of its size. According to Trimmer Plus, you’ll be able to tackle logs up to four inches in diameter which is usually unheard of with a compact size chainsaw.

If you have thicker needs for logs and branches but don’t want to spend too much on a bulky tool, this will be the feature to keep in mind.

This isn’t the highest reaching pole saw, and if you’re already short to begin with, you’ll need to purchase something with a larger extension pole. The maximum height that the Trimmer Plus Pole Saw can reach is around 11 feet, and although it’ll get some jobs done, it’s not the best for those hard to reach places.

The overall measurements of the unit are 38.75 x 6.31 x 5.44 inches so it fits snugly in your hands and is easy to maneuver thanks to the angled head. The overall weight is just 7lbs, but keep in mind as an attachment, you’ll have to take into account the trimmer engine it’s attached to

The Trimmer Plus Pole Saw is compatible with capable units from a range of brands including Remington, Craftsman, and Troy Bilt, and can turn many trimmers into expandable pole saws, so it’s not just made for this specific manufacturer.

Trimmer Plus has included an automatic oiler that provides consistent lubrication to your tool, which means the chainsaw cuts with ease and lasts a lot longer.

As it’s gas powered, you’ll need to perform ongoing maintenance, but it attaches to most gas trimmers for an easier and cheaper alternative than buying the whole unit outright.

Trimmer Plus offers a two-year limited warranty on this attachment, and Amazon also has their free returns and free shipping included, so you’ll be hard-pressed finding a better deal for a gas powered pole saw with these capabilities.

Runner Up: Makita 10 Inch Pole Saw Attachment

Makita 10 Inch Pole Saw Attachment
  • Type: Pole Saw
  • Weight: 6lbs
  • Cordless or Attachment: Attachment

When you prefer to use an attachment pole saw rather than buying a whole unit, but don’t want to give up any power, the Makita 10 Inch Attachment is what we recommend.

This powerful beast features a 10-inch reversible sprocket nose bar that can tackle anything you throw at it, including pruning hedges to chopping large diameter logs. Its total weight is 6lbs without the powerhead attached, so in terms of size, it’s lightweight when you consider what it can do.

The greatest feature of the Makita Pole Saw Attachment is its cutting prowess, with the brand recommending five-inch logs as the best place to start.

You might be able to handle something even thicker, and without any issues from the tool, which is why they charge so much more for a product that’s a lot more capable.

However, the ongoing maintenance is where this attachment lost some points and disappointed customers.

The chain replacement is noticeably the hardest thing to do, and if you’re already feeling hesitant investing in a power tool like this, you won’t be pleased to know that it’s hard to keep in order as the years go by as well.

Although this part was difficult, there were some features of the Makita Pole Saw Attachment that made it easy, like the adjustable automatic chain lubrication and a transparent oil tank so you can read how much is inside.

This pole saw uses a steel drive shaft which helps it last longer, and if you’re for longevity and durability in a tool, it’s worth spending more to get one like this.

The Makita 10 Inch Pole Saw Attachment is designed for use with the Makita powerhead range, and it quickly attaches and detaches as you need it.

You can apply this head to any of the Makita 36V couple shaft powerheads, so you’re saving money in the long run by only purchasing the attachments that you want, and using battery power for your tools.

Although expensive, the Makita 10 Inch Pole Saw is capable of cutting through thick branches with ease and comes with the sturdy reputation that they’re known for.

Makita offers a five-year limited warranty on this attachment, and the rest of their powerhead range, so it’s got the longevity that people have come to expect with this brand.

Pole Saw FAQs

Investing in a pole saw is essential for yards and gardens that have cutting needs higher than most, and it’s a safe and efficient way to get the job done.

If you’ve been dreaming of putting a pole saw to work at home but want to learn more about them, check out these frequently asked questions and answers to point you in the right direction.

What Do You Use A Pole Saw For?


A pole saw can be used to cut and prune branches, brush, and trim trees, with an extended handle that allows you to reach high places.

With a pole saw, you can cut the branches from a tree that’s usually out of reach with a regular chainsaw and using a specially designed handle that ensures stability and safety.

What Is The Longest Pole Saw?

Pole saws range in height of their handle, depending on their purpose, but there’s a limit to how far they can reach before they become unsafe and don’t have the right weight distribution.

The longer types can reach up to around 15 feet from the ground, which is more than enough to trim high branches.

How Thick Can A Pole Saw Cut?


The thickness of a branch or tree that a pole saw can cut depends on the length and width of the cutting bar, and also the power of the chainsaw attached to it.

These are better suited for jobs around eight inches in width and only slightly more, otherwise, it might require a professional to attend to it safely.

Are Pole Saws Dangerous?

While pole saws can be efficient tools, they also require responsible handling to ensure their safe use. A pole saw should be used only according to the manufacturer’s instructions and never attempted in settings it wasn’t designed for.

As they’re attached to a large handle, it may take some practice to work with them safely before you start a job, but most come with safety features like non-slip grips.

Can You Trim Hedges With A Pole Saw?

You can trim hedges with a pole saw if they’re out of your usual reach.

Provided your pole saw has the right length and you’re not using it at an unsafe angle, a pole safe is an efficient way to prune hedges and tidy them up.

The Only Tool for Trimming Up High

A chainsaw is a formidable beast in the garden, but one seated atop a steady pole is even better. With the right tool for the job, whether it’s the best electric pole saw or one powered by gas, you’ll make light work of your pruning and trimming jobs, without the usual strain associated with the job.

Our recommendations for the best pole saw span all features, purposes, and price ranges, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit. With this tool by your side, you’ll get the usually hard to reach trees and branches trimmed neatly and safely, and enhance the look of your entire yard.

Best Pole Saw: A Lengthy Cutting Solution 6


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