Best Reel Mower: A Cleaner Cut of Grass







Best Reel Mower: A Cleaner Cut of Grass 1


Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower


Best Reel Mower: A Cleaner Cut of Grass 2


Snow Joe 16" Reel Mower


Best Reel Mower: A Cleaner Cut of Grass 3

Great States Push Reel Mower


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American Lawn Mower Company Reel Mower


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Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower

Some of us take our lawn care seriously, and if you spend a lot of time making sure your grass is as green as possible and as level as it can be, you’ll need the right tools to get it done.

The right lawnmower is a serious investment and can take your lawn from average to perfect, and with minimal effort required.

Although most modern mowers are serious machines, their strength likes in their power and not necessarily their cutting precision, which is where the reel mower comes in.

With its unique horizontal cutting blades and slicing scissor action, it gets a cleaner and closer cut than most, with results you can see.

What is the best reel mower for a precise lawn?

Reel mowers can be either push behind or self-propelled, and they come with a range of other features and specifications that make them suited for certain types of lawn and users than others.

A good reel mower should have sharp blades, good maneuverability, and a wide cutting path, making your job easier each time you mow.

If you want to switch to a whisper-quiet and precise cut that only the best push reel mower can offer, this is the guide for you.

We’ve reviewed the latest and greatest to come up with the best rated reel mower on the market today to help you achieve your lawn care dreams, in a satisfying and unusual package.

A reel mower is a specialized tool that suits those who prefer a quieetr and more precise lawn cutting experience. If you’re thinking of making the switch, we’ve got a line up of the best reel lawn mower models on the market today, and everything they bring to the table.

Best Overall: Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower

Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower
  • Weight: 51.6lbs
  • Cutting Width: 18 inches
  • Blade Height: 4 inches

Our favorite pick for the best manual reel mower is the Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower, with 18 inches of cutting width to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

This is the best reel mower on the market, and packed full of features to suit your needs, with an adjustable blade height of up to four inches and an Interita Drive reel that glides through the tough grass in a way that others can’t.

The best thing about this mower by far is its cutting prowess, which is what everyone wants in a good mower. According to customers, the Intertia Drive reel works on all kinds of grass, even thick and stubborn ones, and it has up to twice the cutting power of others.

People noticed how easily it chopped through the lawn that used to be hard to tackle, with a lot less effort, and it’s considered the best reel mower for Bermuda grass as well.

Make no mistake about it, this is a heavy lawnmower, and when you stack it up against the other push reel mowers we’ve reviewed, you’ll notice it. With around 30lbs of extra weight, it may require some extra effort to push.

For those with a reduced physical ability or recent rehabilitation, you may want to reconsider, even if it does provide a superior cut compared to the rest.

Fiskars has created this mower with its Stay Sharp cutting system, which means it’ll stay sharper for longer and reduce the amount of sharpening and maintenance you have to do.

According to their findings, this mower is 60% easier to push, although a lot heavier, and with a large width that’s uniquely designed to extend across the full width of the mower to give you more space in each lap.

This allows you to reach the grass near foundations and fences as well, so if you need something that can do the finer details, the Fiskars is the way to go.

If you want the sharpest and most precise manual reel mower and don’t need the best push mower to do the work for you, the Fiskars is our favorite.

Priced reasonably at Amazon for less than $200 and with free shipping and free returns on offer, it’s a smart investment for your lawn. Fiskars offers a three year limited warranty on this reel mower and uses the Stay Sharp cutting system, so it’s one designed for longevity as well as precision.

Runner Up: Snow Joe 16″ Reel Mower

Snow Joe 16" Reel Mower
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Cutting Width: 16 inches
  • Blade Height: 1.81 inches

Snow Joe is a popular name in yard and gardening tools, and their reel mower is unsurprisingly a fan favorite.

With a 16-inch cutting width, manual height adjustment, and included 6.6-gallon detachable grass catcher, it’s got everything you need to make light work of the grass at your house, and with all of the benefits that the average reel mower offers.

This is a quiet way to mow the lawn but with a sharp vertical blade that works without a hassle, and it’s great for maintaining moderate to small size lawns.

According to happy customers, this was one of the easiest reel mowers to maneuver, and is especially great on small yards with tight corners and spaces.

It has a light weight of just 22lbs which makes pushing a breeze, and because it sits atop two wheels and the blades do all of the hard work, you’ll barely break a sweat getting your mowing done.

However, for all of its positive comments on the power of the blades and their ease of use, The worst feature of this reel mower is the grass catcher. This specific feature received quite a few negative comments from others who had purchased the Snow Joe and were disappointed in its abilities.

Although it’s got a good capacity to hold a lot, it comes off easily and can be hard to put back on, which adds some stress to your mowing experience if you have to spend some time figuring it out.

The Snow Joe 16 Inch Reel Mower is a manual style, and it uses two 8.8 inch wheels to move around the yard. The deck is made with durable steel and is rust-resistant, so even if you’re working in unfavorable conditions you don’t have to worry if it’ll last.

With a four position manual adjustments you can change it between 0.88 inches and 1.81 inches, so it’s not the best reel mower for Bermuda or other tough and long types of grass.

This is one of the most budget friendly reel mowers, with a price of around $80 on Amazon, as well as free shipping direct to your door.

The Snow Joe 16 Inch Reel Mower comes with a two-year full warranty and the trusted name of Snow Joe behind it, making it exceptional value for money. As long as your lawn hasn’t grown out of control, you’ll find everything you need for a precise and quiet cut with the Snow Joe Reel Mower.

Alternative: Great States Push Reel Mower

Great States Push Reel Mower
  • Weight: 22.5lbs
  • Cutting Width: 14 inches
  • Blade Height: 1.75 inches

The Great States Push Reel Mower is a budget friendly and compact way to keep smaller lawns cut, and with a precision that only these types of mowers offer.

With a T-style handle that has a cushioned grip and a 14-inch cutting width, you’ll make short work of the grass, and find it easily maneuvered thanks to the durable solid rubber wheels. The overall weight of this is around 22lbs, so even those without much strength won’t have an issue pushing it around.

As a nice lightweight model, people found the Great States Reel Mower exceptionally easy to use and it was adept at getting into tight spaces because it was a more compact size.

Customers noted that it was one of the quietest mowing experiences they’ve ever had, which meant they could get out in the early morning or at night without bothering anyone, to give their grass a quick trim.

On the downside though, the height seemed an issue for both shorter and taller people. Those on the shorter side found that it was hard to pull it back and forward when they had to go over a patch of stubborn grass.

Taller people wished the handle would be longer as they were bending over and straining their back when they mowed. For the best results and ease of use, you’ll need to be average height it seems.

The Great States Push Reel Mower has an adjustable cutting height of between 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches, but some customers found it handled much taller grass without a bother.

The blades are constructed of heat-treated alloy steel that requires minimal sharpening and is they’re situated on a five-blade ball bearing reel, for absolute cutting power.

There are a few options for purchasing the Great States Push Reel Mower, including the standalone reel mower for around $70, or extras like the grass catcher and sharpening kit that you can add for a further cost.

All of it can be purchased for the best price on Amazon, as well as free shipping and returns. There’s no official word from Great States on their warranty, but provided you take care of it, it’s built durable steel that will last for years to come.

Alternative: American Lawn Mower Company Reel Mower

merican Lawn Mower Company Reel Mower
  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Cutting Width: 14 inch
  • Blade Height: 1.75 inches

American Lawn Mower Company has created a simple and straightforward way to keep your lawn in check with their five blade reel mower.

This mower features a 14-inch cutting width which is good for its size, and weighs around 21lbs in total for easy maneuverability. You can just as easily spend the afternoon mowing your lawn with it, and then pick it up and pack it away with ease because of its compact size.

The best feature of the American Lawn Mower Company Reel Mower is its cutting length, with people finding it just as good for performing a super short cut, or leaving the grass longer.

There are five blades in action here that help you achieve the look you want, and people were thrilled at the professional results possible with a reel mower of this size and in this price range.

This mower doesn’t perform as well with certain types of grass though, and should only be used on the right type. Customers found that with things like crabgrass and Bermuda grass, it had to be pushed pretty heavily through it, and most of the time it was stopped dead in its tracks.

If you need something for more stubborn types of grass or commonly leave yours overgrown, this isn’t the reel mower for you.

The American Lawn Mower Company’s Reel Mower sits on two 8.5 inch polymer wheels that make it both durable and easy to maneuver, and there’s no need to ever have them inflated.

The five blade reel are made up of heat-treated alloy steel blades that require minimal maintenance and will perform a cut just as impressive as the first time you used it many months later.

This is an eco-friendly way to mow, without the need for gas or batteries, and it’s a low noise model that can be used at any time of the day or night.

The blade of the American Lawn Mower Company’s Reel Mower can be adjusted between 1-1.75 inches which are done easily without tools. This reel mower can be used to cut grass up to four inches in size, so its capabilities for something this compact and in this price range are worth noting.

To get your hands on the American Lawn Mower Company’s Reel Mower and change the way you take care of your lawn for good, head to Amazon for the best price.

This mower costs less than $75 making it one of the cheapest on the market, and although it’s not ideal for stubborn grass, it still gets the job done easily. There’s no official word on a warranty from American Lawn Mower, but Amazon offers free returns and free shipping, for some added peace of mind.

Alternative: Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower
  • Weight: 34lbs
  • Cutting Width: 20 inches
  • Blade Height: 3 inches

When you need a bigger push mower and are happy to spend extra to get it, this entry from Scott’s Outdoor Power Tools is the way to go.

This 20-inch manual reel rotary lawnmower has ample cutting width to make light work of your yard, and it sits atop two 10 inch dual tracking wheels so it’s easy to maneuver in all types of land. For those with moderate to large lawns, you’ll need to spend the cash to service them, and this is one of the best options for it.

The best thing about this Scotts mower, according to customers, is its ease of adjustability, which is a feature missing from many of these reel mowers.

You adjust the cutting height with a quick snap lever and then get straight back to mowing the lawn in mere seconds. Having this convenient feature saves a lot of time and ensures your grass is cut to the exact length you require in each area.

However, the major drawback of this mower from Scotts Outdoor Power Tools is that it doesn’t clear the 20 inches advertised on its cutting width as well every time.

People have found that they’re better trying to do just a 15-inch patch and then going over it, otherwise, you might have messy patches that you’ll have to go over later. This can add some time to the job, but will leave you with a much cleaner finish.

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower comes with a five-blade ball bearing reel and works on all types of grass, stubborn or not, thanks to its heat-treated alloy steel construction.

The mower is easily pushed thanks to its ergonomic handle and has a cushioned grip that won’t cause any fatigue, but it’s fairly heavy at around 34lbs and a lot more than others we’ve reviewed. Set up is easy and doesn’t require any tools, so you can get started mowing right away when it arrives.

For the best price online, head to Amazon to get the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Reel Mower, and benefit from its easy construction. This reel mower costs around $140, which is an expensive option, but it’s good for more stubborn types of lawn that need extra force.

Amazon also includes free shipping and free returns, and you’ll get the Scotts warranty of two years coverage for peace of mind, making this reel mower one of the best if you can afford it.

Reel Mower FAQs

A reel mower is a unique type of lawnmower that offers benefits over traditional models.

With a reel mower, you can get a neater cut and a quieter operation, but it’s not all good news. Check out these FAQs on reel mowers to see how they differ, for better or for worse, to see if it’s right for you.

Do Reel Mowers Cut Better?


A reel mower uses a horizontal cutting axis and the blades provide a scissoring action on the grass.

This results in a cleaner and more precise type of cut, but it sometimes requires more work to push or propel than a standard rotary mower and can take longer to mow a lawn.

The quality of a mower depends on its craftsmanship, materials, and specific features, with some cutting better than others.

What Are The Benefits Of A Reel Mower?

Using a reel mower instead of a standard rotary mower comes with both pros and cons. The obvious benefit of this type of model is that it offers a precise cut with a cleaner finish.

Depending on whether you use a self propelling or push mower, you might also experience a quieter mowing experience.

How Much Do Reel Mowers Cost?


The cost of a reel mower depends on the brand and model, as well as the features and specifications it has and the length of warranty.

For the best push reel lawn mower in a moderate price range, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200, but there are other expensive premium options as well.

Can Reel Mowers Cut Long Grass?

A push reel lawn mower is designed to cut moderate length grass and works best when the lawn is maintained.

For the best results, use your reel mower when the grass is between 2.5 and 4.0 inches in height, as they’re not able to cut down thick and overgrown grass as well as a rotary lawnmower.

Are Manual Reel Mowers Any Good?

Although they weren’t always as efficient, the modern manual reel mower has come a long way and is a good option for those who prefer to cut their grass manually.

They’re easier to push and with sharp blades that provide a clean cut on the lawn, especially if you don’t mind spending a little longer to get the job done.

The Cleanest Way to Cut Your Lawn

A beautifully cut lawn is the easiest way to improve the look of your home, and there’s nothing more satisfying than doing the job yourself.

With a quality reel mower, you’ll perform a horizontal cut in a scissoring motion, which provides results that are crisp, clean, and more level than you’ve ever seen before.

With the best reel push mower in your arsenal, you’ll change the way you cut the grass for good and a new appreciation for what a fresh lawn looks like. With our recommendations, there’s something here for every gardener and lawn aficionado, in a much cheaper and maintenance-free package.

Best Reel Mower: A Cleaner Cut of Grass 6


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