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Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System 1


Red Lion RL-SPRK150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump


Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System 2


Homdox 1.6HP Lawn Sprinkler Pump


Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System 3

BURCAM 506533SS Lawn Sprinkler Pump


Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System 4

Wayne WLS150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump


Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System 5

Amazon Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Investing in a decent sprinkler pump will make your lawn sprinkling operation relatively easier.

Your garden, lawn, and plants’ life depend on the amount of water you feed them. Therefore, you do not want an unreliable pump that unexpectedly breaks down or offers inconsistent water flow.

Getting overwhelmed is a natural response if you are new to the water pumping process. 

Often, purchasing a water pump becomes a dreading task because of the company’s measuring systems and sizes. You must understand each product’s specialty and specs before buying it. To help you with your next best sprinkler pump purchase, we have reviewed the five best water pumps available in the market.

Best Overall: Red Lion RL-SPRK150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Red Lion RL-SPRK150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump Review
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Electric
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Maximum flow rate: 71 gallons per minute
  • Item weight: 63.9 pounds
  • Item dimension: 11.5 x 22 x 12.25 inches
  • Volts: 115/230
  • Horsepower: 1.50
  • Maximum pressure: 44 pounds per square inch

Red Lion RL-SPRK150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump bags the first place on our list of best water pumps. This heavy and sturdy machinery is built to provide service for years. Let us look at the benefits and extra features that brought this pump to the 1st position.


  • Red Lion RL-SPRK150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump is made out of cast iron, indicating a solid and durable body. This heavy-duty sprinkle pump comes in red color and will stay rust-free for years.
  • This product has a diffuser and sturdy thermoplastic impeller for the water pump’s durability.
  • The sprinkler pump has a 2″ diameter suction and 1 ½” outlet diameter which accommodates plenty of water in one pump. The wide diameter helps the pump put more water for distribution through the sprinklers.
  • The Red Lion RL-SPRK150 Pump has a generous two-year warranty against any product damage.
  • This water pump can easily accommodate 14 sprinkler heads that require three GPM at a 30 PSI. Your entire garden or lawn will get a steady shower of water with just one pump installation.
  • The lawn sprinkler pump runs quietly as compared to other competitor pumps. A low hum which is inaudible in most cases, makes this product stand out from the rest of the pumps available in the market.


  • The product lacks a built-in integrated pressure control switch, which might help the property owners study and adjust the water pressure more manually.
  • Some customers are enjoying this pump’s fruitful work for more than five years, but few customers have raised complaints regarding the burning of the motor within one year.

Extra Features

One of the best qualities of this product is the availability of the self-priming feature in this model. Your pump will last longer without the issue of air bubbles ruining the device.

Buying Advice

We encourage you to buy this water pump if you like self-priming machines with a quiet motor and excellent water pressure. The device will run for long if you use it as per the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Runner-up: Homdox 1.6HP Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Homdox 1.6HP Lawn Sprinkler Pump Review
  • Manufacturer: Homdox
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Maximum flow rate: 845 gallons per hour
  • Item weight: 17.41 pounds
  • Item dimension: 14.96 x 10.24 x 11.81 inches
  • Volts: 115
  • Horsepower: 1.6
  • Maximum pressure: 66 PSI

Homdox 1.6HP Lawn Sprinkler Pump is a famous brand with excellent consumer reviews in the market. This water pump proudly made its way to second place because of its features and specs. Let us look at a few crucial features and cons to understand this product even better.


  • This sprinkler pump is made out of stainless steel head, iron handle, and a high-quality aluminum body, so the device is not susceptible to rust.
  • Homdox 1.6HP Lawn Sprinkler Pump has an automatic ON/OFF switch that turns the water pump on and off, sensing the presence of water. The technology makes this product self-sufficient; the owner doesn’t need to keep an eye on the sprinklers or water’s moment now and then.
  • This ideal product will help you transferring water from pools, tanks, barrels to irrigation faucets. A single pump can easily take care of all the house’s water transportation needs.
  • The company boasts of having a very responsive customer service ready to help you with any complaints. The pump comes with a one-year warranty card for each purchase.
  • The electric centrifugal clear water pump has an energy-efficient motor with thermal overload protection, which will make your electricity bills light.
  • The pump comes with many attachment accessories necessary for installing the device.


  • The lawn sprinkler doesn’t have a pressure switch to measure the water’s pressure level.
  • Few customers have noticed that the pump’s connectors don’t fit the standard U.S.A. sizes. They had to buy separate connectors for the irrigation pump to work.
  • The return process in case of damage won’t be smooth as you are expected to ship it back to China with your postal charges.

Extra Features

The sprinkler doesn’t need any oil for functioning. The device is an entirely oil-free pump.

Buying Advice

This water pump is a sturdy machine that you can trust but consider adding some pilotage water to the pump’s head. Adding water will accelerate the flow of the inlet pipe.

Alternative: BURCAM 506533SS Lawn Sprinkler Pump

BURCAM 506533SS Lawn Sprinkler Pump Review
  • Manufacturer: Bur-Cam Pumps Inc
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum flow rate: 950 gallons per hour
  • Item weight: 26.3 pounds
  • Item dimension: 10.5 x 19.5 x 15.75 inches
  • Volts: 115
  • Horsepower: 1.00
  • Maximum pressure: 1215 US GPH

Our 1st alternative runner-up of the best sprinkler pump for your lawn or garden is the BURCAM 506533SS Lawn Sprinkler Pump. This pump comes with a sturdy cover and steel body, which will last long if handled correctly. Let us look at a few benefits, cons, and buying advice to let you understand the product even better.


  • BURCAM 506533SS Lawn Sprinkler Pump is made of a 100 percent stainless steel body, making it corrosion and rustproof.
  • The extra handle on the motor makes the device portable and easy to carry anywhere. The whole machine is well welded, so you can use it roughly and carry it without worries.
  • This sprinkler well pump can easily supply water to ten sprinkler heads with maximum force and distance coverage.
  • The product has a maximum vertical suction lift of 25 feet.
  • The sprinkler has a 1-inch suction and discharges, respectively. The water supply will be abundant, and each pumping cycle will throw out an ample amount of water.
  • Bur-Cam Pumps Inc gives a two-year warranty on purchasing a new product.


The only drawback of this pump is the inability to self-priming. To get the pump started, you will need to prime it with water for the sprinkler system’s smooth running.

Extra Features

We did not find out any distinctive extra features that might stand out.

Buying Advice

Once nicely set up, this product will last for years. This product is perfect for people who have a small lawn and does not need more than ten sprinkler heads.

Alternative: Wayne WLS150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Wayne WLS150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump Review
  • Manufacturer: Wayne
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Maximum flow rate: 2950 gallon per hour
  • Item weight: 57 pounds
  • Item dimension: 13.5 x 23.3 x 14.5 inches
  • Volts: 240
  • Horsepower: 1.50
  • Maximum pressure: 30 PSI

The 2nd alternative runner-up on our list is Wayne WLS150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump. This pump is considered the best irrigation pump with a low sound. Let us learn a little more about this product by reading its pros, cons, and buying advice.


  • Wayne WLS150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump is coated with cast iron, giving its polished look. Apart from the looks, the machine is very sturdy and ideal for heavy usage. The pump has an additional reinforced thermoplastic infuser and impeller.
  • This product is assembled in the U.S.A., ensuring its quality, which lasts for years.
  • The water pump comes in a dual voltage motor of 120/240 V. For easy usage and smooth electrical consumption, the device comes wired for 240 V.
  • The sprinkle water pump is very quiet and produces a low humming noise. Few consumers have repeatedly bought this because of the low humming noise that the product emits.
  • The pump is specially designed to run underground sprinkling systems, drawing water from the wells, filling up the pool, and sucking pond or lake water for irrigation or water transfer.


  • The mounting holes are far under the cast iron body. This issue makes the work of tightening the screws or working with the bolts very hard. This design flaw is one of the main drawbacks of this water pump.
  • Few of the consumers have complained that the impeller disintegrates very quickly.

Extra Features

There are no extra features in this product that caught our eye.

Buying Advice

We highly recommend that you avoid running the pump dry. Running your pump dry is the number one cause of the pump’s breaking. Consider priming Wayne WLS150 Lawn Sprinkler Pump before using it. You can add a weather shield for protecting the pump from natural elements. You are guaranteed to have a good run with this pump if you follow these tips.

Alternative: Amazon Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Pump

Amazon Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Pump Review
  • Manufacturer: Amazon Basics
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum flow rate: 1260 gallons per hour.
  • Item weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Item dimension: 22.1 x 9.7 x 9.6 inches
  • Volts: 110 volt
  • Horsepower: 1.00
  • Maximum pressure: 32 PSI

Amazon Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Pump is in the 3rd runner-up position because of the brand’s quality and features. The tiny but mighty machine pumps like a standard lawn pump without any trouble. Let us read the benefits and drawbacks to understand why this product has bagged our 3rd runner-up position.


  • Amazon Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Pump has a shiny stainless steel metal body with a black coating. This stainless steel material helps the machine to stay intact for years. The chances of rusting are significantly less.
  • The water sprinkler comes with a built-in portable carrying handle for easy transportation.
  • This sprinkler pump has a convenient and safe ON/OFF switch for a user-friendly experience.
  • The company provides you with a 100 foot grounded waterproof cord for installing the pump to your underwater irrigation system without any fuss. The waterproof nature will keep the wire safe from deteriorating in the longer run.
  • This lawn pump can push 21 gallons of water per minute and 1260 gallons per hour at zero feet and no inclination.
  • This pump’s size makes it easy for little kids to hold and carry. You will notice the small size when you compare an average water sprinkler with this Amazon Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Pump.


  • Apart from the impressive specs, the motor has a hard time starting up. Once it starts, the flow is ideally in pressure.

Extra Features

The size is an extra unique feature of this product. As the product is small in size, you can take it anywhere. If you are an owner of a tiny house on wheels, we recommend having this water pump as a spare device for emergencies.

Buying Advice

A product from such a trusted brand will never be bad! We suggest that you invest in a float switch with this product. The controller will automatically read the water level and turn it off once the water level reaches the desired point. This device is just an additional gadget for making the water pump self-sufficient and user-friendly.

Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a sprinkler pump do?

sprinkler pump

A sprinkler pump is a device designed to pump water from nearby water bodies like lakes and shallow wells for an in-ground irrigation system. A sprinkler water pump provides a smooth, steady medium to high water flow at comparatively low pressure.

These pumps are an affordable way of pumping out water to and from your desired location without much hassle. One does not need big, heavy machinery and connectors to get this pump started. The pump owner will need a manufacturer’s guide and few instruments to affix the connections for a push pump system that will last for years.

These sprinkler water pumps are designed to help property managers and dedicated homeowners to keep their lawns, gardens, and landscaping projects-  fresh, green, and lively by constantly spraying water showers despite weather changes.

What size pump do I need for the sprinkler system?

size of sprinkler pump

To determine the perfect lawn sprinkler pump size, you will need to figure out your setup beforehand. Many buyers make the simple mistake of buying a water pump before installing or mapping out their sprinkler system.

A quick calculation will help you avoid any future motor mishaps. Start with determining the number of sprinklers head your lawn requires, along with their PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute)

All sprinkler toppers or heads come pre-rated at a specific PSI or GPM. Your entire irrigation system will have the same PSI and GPM ratings throughout the yard which means your PSI will remain the same for the whole project. Now, to figure out the total GPM requirement for your sprinkler system, you need to add all the sprinkler head’s GPM requirements. For example, if you have ten sprinkler heads, all rated at 4 GPM each, you will have an irrigation system of 40 GPM.

As said earlier, your PSI will remain the same, and each head is rated at 40 PSI. You need to ensure that your new pump provides 40 PSI at your total sprinkler GPM requirement. Do not oversize your pump as the sprinkler heads would blow off or cause a disorganized spray pattern. For a smooth water system, size your pump as close to your system’s requirements.

Apart from the sizing, it would help if you keep these requirements in your mind:

  • How high are you planning to pump the water
  • You should always measure the correct amount of lift required from the source to your pump. 
  • The rise in the suction head should always be under 25 feet high.
  • How far are you going to pump

It would be best to keep the distance in mind as it slows down the water pressure. You need to calculate and increase the pipe’s diameter by one size for every 300′ of horizontal distance.

Power supply requirements – It would be great to look at the power supply required for the pump to run correctly. A standard pump operated between 115 volts to 3230 volts. If you live off-grid and do not have the luxury of electricity, you can try a gas-powered pump.

Priming method – Try to choose pumps that are self-primed as it will save you time and effort to prime the machine. If you do not find it, you can prime it manually.

Location – Measure the suction head and make sure it isn’t more than 25 feet. The water will not flow properly if the height increases. You can try using heavy pumps that force the water to reach the pump even if the distance is significantly greater than 25 feet.

How much does it cost to install a sprinkler pump?

installation of sprinkler pump

The total cost of installing a sprinkler pump can range from $150 to $500. It will drastically change according to the pump’s model and the types of accessories you buy. When installing a sprinkler pump, your main expense will be purchasing a new pump. This pump will decide the cost of your entire installation.

Online markets or big box stores host various pumps at different price points. An average two horsepower sprinkler pump can cost anywhere around $200- $400. If you are new to this, you might need extra supplies like connectors, wires, and valves, costing you around $100.

A seasoned pump owner knows how to install the pump, so if you have the skills and knowledge of installing the pump, you will save some money on the installation. If you purchase an indoor sprinkler pump, the pump might need a shelter or a weather shield for the product’s longevity. You will need to shell out some more if you decide to take professional help.

The prices mentioned above are for installing a sprinkler pump, assuming you already have a system in place; if you plan to undertake the whole project of installing a sprinkler system, then your cost estimations might go higher.

How long does a sprinkler pump last?

A pump’s longevity depends on various external and internal factors like the pump’s quality, usage, load, etc. Few people have noticed their pump lasting for more than eight years, while others have struggled to use it for more than two years.

Generally, a sprinkler well pump should last anywhere around 1 to 10 years. Many people burn their pumps because of continuous usage. To overcome this, you can try 1 hour on – 1 hour off system to increase your pump’s life.

If you seem unsure of the correct size and model, we recommend getting in touch with a local agricultural irrigation distributor. Once you brief them with the size of your land, they should be able to figure out a heavy-duty machine that will last long.


Avoid buying pumps based on the features. Your first step should be to assess the water sprinkling requirement and then deciding a machine that fits the criteria.

Since most of the pumps are marked as indoor devices, try to cover the whole pump with a metal or plastic roof for safety.

Covering will keep your device safe and increase the life of your pump. While purchasing, try to compare other pumps and choose one that suits your needs.

Best Sprinkler Pump For Your Sprinkler System 6


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