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Best Walk Behind String Trimmer: Clearing Grass Fast 1


Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind Trimmer


Best Walk Behind String Trimmer: Clearing Grass Fast 2

Tazz One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer


Best Walk Behind String Trimmer: Clearing Grass Fast 3

Earthquake Walk Behind String Trimmer


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Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Walk Behind String Trimmer


Best Walk Behind String Trimmer: Clearing Grass Fast 5

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Field Trimmer

Some gardens are not always low maintenance and easy to keep in order, and if you have one of these types, you already know what we’re talking about.

These are the gardens where a compact lawn mower won’t do, nor will a standard weed eater, and so you have to call for the big guns.

A walk behind string trimmer is a must for stubborn, long, and overgrown grass, and if you’re one of the unlucky ones that find a regular string trimmer won’t do, you’ll need one of these more powerful machines.

Shopping for one can be a hard feat, with so many specs and features to choose from, especially if you’re new to these types of gardening tools.

So, what are the best walk behind string trimmer models on the market?

To find the best walk behind string trimmer, you’ll need one that has a powerful engine, a huge cutting path, and a durable body to stand the test of time. You’ll also have to consider your lawn’s needs and your own gardening habits to find one that truly suits you.

If you’re on the hunt for one of these machines and don’t want to spend hours reading walk behind string trimmer reviews, we’re here to help. We’ve compacted the list down to our favorite finds, and have some great options in all sizes, capabilities, and price ranges to suit your needs.

A walk behind string trimmer can make light work of your gardening woes, offering an efficient combination of a lawnmower and a handheld string trimmer. If you’re ready to add this beast to your gardening tool lineup, we’ve got the best walk behind string trimmer reviews for you to choose from.

Best Overall: Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind Trimmer

Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind Trimmer
  • Weight: 78lbs
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Power: 159cc

The best of the best in our list is the Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind Trimmer, offering everything including power, ease of use, and cutting prowess.

With a four-cycle 159cc OHV gas engine and massive 22 inches of cutting width you have everything you need to get the job done, and a whole lot easier than using a handheld model or attempting to make your mower do the work.

By far the best thing about the Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind Trimmer is its power, with a 159cc OHV gas engine.

Compared to others in this price range, and even those a lot more expensive it’s got the most powerful engine of all, which means less work for you when you’re trying to cut through stubborn weeds and grass.

Another great feature is how easy this walk behind trimmer is to control, which is good news for those who have especially tough areas to clear and have had trouble maneuvering anything with two wheels in the past.

The comfortable handle and evenly distributed weight of the device mean you can quickly clear a path, and do a lot more damage than your usual handheld string trimmer.

Keep in mind though, although considered one of our favorites, it’s not the best walk behind string trimmer size because of its heavier weight that’s close to 80lbs.

This isn’t a bother when you’re on a straight patch of grass or if you prefer a bulky machine, but if you have a lot of slopes to deal with and find yourself constantly pushing a trimmer up a hill. Therefore, you’ll want to be sure you’re strong enough to deal with it.

Another potential drawback is the 14-inch ball bearing wheels, as some customers found the machine worked better overall when they replaced them.

You’ll have to establish first whether they’re suitable for the land you’re working on, and having to swap them to a better performing pair can add some costs to the total. This is a major downside and something that Remington will hopefully fix in the future to save people from doing their own upgrades.

The Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind String Trimmer measures around 34.45 x 22.04 x 21.06 inches, so it’s a good size for all users. Although heavier, you’ll be able to get a good handle on it with the comfortable handle that’s been designed with ergonomics in mind.

Even long periods out in the garden with your string trimmer won’t present a problem with this special design and when the job is done, simply fold up the handle and store it away, or load it onto your truck for easy transportation.

This walk behind string trimmer was designed to cut through tall and stubborn grass and weeds, and it’s all made easy with the 22-inch cutting swath.

The Remington fits a standard 0.155″ diameter trimmer line, and when it gets going, you’ll be surprised at how fast it cuts through the problem. With a full metal construction, it’s built to last many years, provided you give it enough care, including keeping the four cycle engine in check.

For the best deal, head to Amazon, as you’ll not only get this low price but also free shipping to your door and free returns should you need them. The Remington Gas Powered Walk Behind String Trimmer is a dream come true with tough grass and weeds, and it’s guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier.

Runner Up: Tazz One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer

Tazz One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer
  • Weight: 81.1lbs
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Power: 150cc

The Tazz One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer is one of the most budget friendly options, for those who might not need to use this tool that often.

Although affordable, it’s full of power and operates with a 150cc  engine that gives it plenty of oomph, and it works just a swell clearing around fence lines, thick grass, weeds, and the edges of your yard that are hard to reach with other gardening tools.

With two 14 inch wheels and a tough steel deck, it’s built to last and can’t stand anything you throw at it.

According to customers, the Tazz One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer was one of the most durable walk behind string trimmer options on the market.

If you want your money to go far and prefer a hardy gardening tool, you’ll love everything about it. The one-piece steel deck will last for years to come, and also means fewer vibrations and moving parts while you’re working.

Another feature that customers were thrilled about was large wheels that made it easy to push around and helped with the right amount of clearance. They’re thick and sturdy, and although only two of them like all other walk behind string trimmers, you won’t have any problem keeping everything

On the negative side of things, customers noted some blowback with the trimmer compared to other models. You’ll want to equip yourself with some basic safety gear like goggles and a mask, as the trimmed weeds and grass can fly back in the wrong direction, causing a lot of bother to the gardener.

An upgrade of the steel deck with more of a protective shield could solve this problem, so might be an idea for the next model from Tazz.

Although people loved the one-piece steel deck, the handle storage clip lost it a lot of points. This was designed to let people collapse the handlebars and clip them to the side, but some found the clip didn’t last very long before breaking off.

You may need to zip tie it shut or come up with another method of keeping it closed, which is pretty disappointing when you’re spending a few hundred dollars on a tool.

The Tazz One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer and Mower uses .155″ diameter string, and you’ll get some included super tough nylon line with it, which is considered the best trimmer line for walk behind string trimmers.

Tazz includes everything you need to learn how to feed the line and maintain the trimmer, with their detailed instruction manual that comes along with it.

If you’re used to other trimmers that have an engine that constantly stops, you’ll love the never kill style in the Tazz String Trimmer. This never kill engine will keep running even if the cutting head is disengaged, which means you don’t have to spend ages starting the engine up again if it turns off.

The entire unit measures 55 x 21.2 x 38.5 inches and weighs over 80lbs so it’s a pretty bulky device, and good for people that prefer to work with larger tools in the yard.

Amazon has the best price for this online which includes free returns and free shipping to your door, meaning you can get started clearing your yard sooner and for cheaper. If you want something robust but a little messy to work with, you’ll like this affordable option from Tazz with their One Piece Walk Behind String Trimmer.

Alternative: Earthquake Walk Behind String Trimmer

Earthquake Walk Behind String Trimmer
  • Weight: 63.4
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Power: 150cc

When you spend a lot of time using a walk behind string trimmer, you want the easiest, lightest, and most powerful choice on the market. The Earthquake Walk Behind String Trimmer is an expensive option, but one that comes with a lot of perks for this very purpose.

Powered by a 150cc four cycle Viper engine, you’ll be able to chop through anything in your path without a hassle, and because it’s so lightweight at just over 63lbs, it feels like you could do it all day without breaking a sweat.

The best thing about the Earthquake Trimmer is the lightweight size, making it a whole lot easier to operate with a weight of around 63lbs.

According to customers, it was instantly noticeable that they were pushing around something that weighed over 20lbs lighter than the competition. For those working with hills or having to push their trimmer around a large yard, you’ll love the fact that this moves so effortlessly.

Another great feature of the Earthquake Walk Behind String Trimmer is its easy setup, which suits people that aren’t mechanically minded.

Customers loved how easy it was to get out of the box and start using with virtually zero assembly required. All you have to do is unfold and tighten the knobs on the handlebar knobs and it’s ready to go.

This is an expensive choice for a walk behind string trimmer, and when you weigh up the features and specs, it doesn’t seem that different for something that costs twice what the competition does.

If you want a longer warranty and a lighter string trimmer, you’ll be happy to pay the price, but otherwise, there are some cheaper options out there that will serve your yard just as well. For those who use their walk behind often, spending extra might be worth it though.

Another potential drawback is the type of surface you can use it on, with some customers finding that uneven yards weren’t as good to work with.

The height can be adjusted which helps, but if you have a particularly bumpy surface and need a steady walk behind trimmer to worth with, you may want to reconsider this option.

The wheels are meant to help this process, but aren’t the easiest to maneuver when the ground is uneven, so make sure you assess your property before proceeding.

The Earthquake Walk Behind String Trimmer comes with the starter strings and engine oil designed specifically for its four-cycle engine, so there’s nothing needed to purchase to get using it right away.

The Earthquake fits with the best walk behind string trimmer line size and can be fed on with ease. With a massive 22 inches of cutting swatch, it’s ample space to tackle large yards, and because of the powerful motor, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Everything about this string trimmer is designed for ease of use, including the tool-less adjustment that lets you bring the handlebar up or down as needed.

This gives you a more comfortable trimming experience and reduces back strain so you can make the height just right for you. The overall dimensions are 54.48 x 21.36 x 39.4 inches, and the handlebar folds down for easy storage when you’re done, reducing its overall footprint.

This is one of the most expensive on the market but comes with a length five year warranty offered by the manufacturer and ongoing customer support from a US-based brand.

When you shop with Amazon, you’ll also get free shipping to your door and free returns, should the Earthquake not be everything you hoped for and more. This is a seriously powerful yet lightweight trimmer, and although expensive, will serve you well for many years to come.

Alternative: Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Walk Behind String Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Walk Behind String Trimmer
  • Weight: 39lbs
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Power: 43cc

When your home only needs a little bit of assistance from a walk behind string trimmer, and you want something cost effective but powerful enough to get the job done, something like the model from Southland Outdoor Power Equipment will do.

This is a compact sized trimmer that offers 17 inches of cutting swatch and weighs around 39lbs if you’re someone who needs a lighter option. Southland promises twice the power of a 25cc handheld trimmer, so you can get double the work done for around the same cost, which is always a bonus.

The best feature about the Southland String Trimmer is the ergonomic aspect, with the manufacturer spending a lot of time getting this right. Customers loved the ergonomic loop handle that utilizes a spring-loaded thumb throttle.

This gives you a comfortable and supportive place to work from and less fatigue, so you could operate it all day without the usual vibrations and strains that others come with.

Customers loved the head bevel feature that allows it to move slightly between 20 to 30 degrees as needed. This gives you greater control over those hard to reach areas and is especially helpful for houses with smaller garden edges and obstacles to maneuver.

Although a smaller model, this is one advantage that it has over its larger competitors, and only makes it suitable for some types of yards.

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Walk Behind Trimmer is severely lacking in power when you look at the bigger options we’ve reviewed, and some customers were surprised at how hard they had to work to get the job done because of its size and engine strength.

Although a lot cheaper and smaller, it’s obvious that this doesn’t have the strength of its competitors, and it’s not going to be the right fit for every type of yard or if you have especially tough weed and grass to tackle.

Although the handle appears to be ergonomically designed, the unit is far too short for some users to enjoy, and does subtract from some of this comfort factor.

You may spend a lot of time bent over it while you work on the yard, which does no favors for your back. Consider the measurements and your own physical requirements before deciding on this, as taller users will have to work a lot harder to get the job done.

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Walk Behind String Trimmer comes with a 43cc two-cycle engine that perfectly suits its compact size, and gives just enough power for small spaces.

The overall measurements of this tool are 52 x 16 x 40 inches so it’s better suited to shorter users, and those who don’t want to exert much energy pushing a heavy load around.

Southland ensures that their tools are EPA and CARB compliant, and although they rely on gas to operate, you can feel a little better about your choice of gardening supplies.

The trimmer accepts between 0.095 inches and 0.105 inches of trimmer string so depending on the task at hand, you can choose one that works best. There’s none included with purchase, but when you have it, it’s easy enough to thread through, even if you’ve never operated a trimmer before.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune but need something more powerful than your regular handheld string trimmer can provide, this option from Southland Outdoor Powerful Equipment is a good alternative.

It’s by far the cheapest but has a compact size that must be right for your yard. Southland offers a two year limited warranty on this trimmer, and you’ll receive free returns and free shipping from Amazon, so it’s a great package worth considering.

Alternative: Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Field Trimmer

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022
  • Weight:
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Power: 150cc

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment know how to make an efficient and cost-effective gardening tool, and their Field Trimmer is no exception.

This model of walk behind string trimmer is operated with a 150cc engine and features 5.75 ft./lbs torque, so it’s incredibly powerful for its price. This is a slightly bigger model than their smaller 43cc trimmer, but with a whole lot more power to make light work of your garden.

The best thing about the Southland Field Trimmer is its cutting power, and everything from the cutting swatch size to engine contributes to this.

Customers found it work especially well in the thicker and coarser grass and weeds that their old trimmer couldn’t compete with, and when you consider its cost, this is an impressive feat.

Another great feature of this trimmer is the manual recoil that makes it easy to start with customers noting that it got going on its first pull.

Many people struggle to get their gas powered tools going, and if you feel weak or not as physically fit as you used to be, having this simple feature can mean the world of difference. The easy-start function means even if it cuts out or kills the engine because of obstruction, it takes mere seconds to get it going again.

However, for its size, the wheels of this field trimmer from Southland are far too small. They measure just 12 inches in diameter, and when you compare this to other walk behind string trimmers, there are at least a few inches short.

This means it’s not as easy to maneuver with the weight of the machine behind it. Some customers did their own upgrades to a larger wheel, which is possible but adds more work and cost to the final purchase.

Another negative was the handle, with some customers finding it a little uncomfortable and thus hard to maneuver the whole unit.

It’s been designed with a special anti-vibration foam material that does what it’s supposed to, but it then doesn’t give enough support to make for comfortable turning and changing directions.

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Field Trimmer uses a quad 0.155″ diameter line trimmer head which is standard for something this size.

The 12 inch wheels are small, but durable, and do well on uneven surfaces, but you may need to upgrade as others have done. With a 22-inch cutting swath, you don’t have to spend long getting the job done, and it’s better suited to the stubborn types of long grass.

The handle folds down for easy storage and because it weighs just 50lbs, it’s a lot easier to carry around than the bulkier models, and ideal for people who bring their tools with them to work.

There are loads of options to customize this trimmer to your needs, thanks to the addons available at Amazon. You can get the field trimmer as a standalone unit, with safety goggles, or with a few different choices of string included.

They also offer additional protection plans that can be added to the warranty from Southland, so you have lots of customization available.

Southland offers a two-year limited warranty, so it’s not that impressive, but for the cost, it’s still a good deal. When you shop on Amazon, you’ll also benefit from free shipping and free returns, making the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Field Trimmer one of the most cost effective of all.

Walk Behind String Trimmer FAQs

A walk behind string trimmer is a unique tool for the garden and one that meets the demands where a lawnmower and handheld trimmer usually can’t go.

Suited for long grass and stubborn weeds and with a noticeably bigger cutting path, it’s a specialized tool that’ll work quickly. If you’re thinking about adding one of these to your lineup, check out the answers to some commonly asked questions to find out more about them.

What Are Walk Behind String Trimmers?


A walk behind string trimmer is like a hybrid of a push lawnmower and a string trimmer, operating with just two wheels in most models.

This large gardening tool is ideal for cutting through coarse and stubborn grass and weeds, in the instances where a lawnmower or string trimmer alone might not be suitable. It uses a rotating string to cut, unlike a lawnmower that’s powered by a blade.

Difference In Walk Behind And Handheld String Trimmers?

A handheld string trimmer is capable of dealing with most average sized gardens and can remove weeds and grass around edges where a lawnmower can’t reach.

A walk behind string trimmer is a larger scale model that clears more area at once, similar to the size and force of a lawnmower.

Can You Mow Your Lawn With A Trimmer?


A trimmer should never be used to mow a lawn as you would with a traditional lawnmower. These tools have a specific purpose of dealing with stubborn parts of grass or clearing edges, and they’re not designed to tackle large areas of land.

Lawnmowers have large, powerful blades that make it easier to push through larger quantities of grass, and should only ever be used to mow.

What Is The Difference Between A Strimmer And A Trimmer?

A strimmer and a trimmer are usually the same tools but have been given different names as a marketing device.

A strimmer is the shortened term for a string trimmer, and a trimmer is an easier way to label it as well, and both do the same job of eating weeds and grass with a fast rotating string that acts like a blade.

Do Walk Behind String Trimmers Take Additional Maintenance?


A walk behind string trimmer is larger in size compared to a handheld string trimmer and may require additional maintenance.

Their care is similar to a lawnmower, but depending on how they’re powered, whether by electricity, battery, or gas, they will require different things for ongoing maintenance.

A Specialized Tool to Make Gardening Easy

For so long, gardeners attempted to make their lawnmowers and handheld string trimmers perform jobs that they just weren’t made for.

It wasn’t until the walk behind string trimmer was invented that this gap in the market was filled, offering a robust way to clear the stubborn grass and weeds that can’t be handled with your usual gardening tools.

If you’re thinking about investing in a walk behind string trimmer mower, you’ll have the best selection to choose from with our top picks. Any of these powerful devices will make gardening easier and give you the right tool for the job, saving you hours of backache and disappointment.

Best Walk Behind String Trimmer: Clearing Grass Fast 6


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