20 of the Best Gardening Gifts for Mom

20 Of The Best Gardening Gifts For Mom

If there’s one group of people who love to garden and deserve to reap the benefits of this relaxing hobby, it’s our mothers.

Whether your mom has been a keen gardener all her life, taken up the hobby in her elder years, or is looking for a relaxing new way to pass the time, there are so many great ways to support her passion.

A gardening gift is a great choice for holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas but can also be a way to show mom you care in the spur of the moment.

Regardless of her experience and what cool accessories she already puts to use in the garden, there’s sure to be something you haven’t considered.

So, what are the best gardening gifts for mom?

Gardening gifts range from something as basic as a new pair of gloves to seed subscriptions or leasing a plot in a community garden.

There’s something for every type of gardening mom whether they just like to potter around or get down and dirty in their spare time making their garden look like a dream.

Moms deserve gifts now and then, even if there’s no real occasion, and if you want something she’ll actually use, a gardening gift is the way to go.

We’ve covered some unique and simple gardening gifts to suit all kinds of mothers, so check out our list to see which your mom would love best.

The Best Gardening Gifts for Mom

We’ve searched far and wide to come up with the best gardening gifts that mothers would love.

Check out these picks for unique and special gardening-themed presents to make your mom’s day.

#1 Vertical Garden Kit


A vertical garden is a great way to save on space, and if you have a mom who wants some greenery indoors but is lacking the room, it’s the ideal gift.

These kits come with everything you need to get started, including the seeds to grow indoor-friendly plants that will thrive in a vertical garden setup. Perfect for moms with beginner to intermediate gardening knowledge and experience.

#2 Greenhouse


If your mom is seriously into her gardening and you’ve heard her complain more than once about the pests or weather damaging her crops, you could go all out and install a greenhouse for her.

These don’t have to be huge or dramatic and can be a basic structure just to hold some herbs, but she’ll appreciate the thought and see a whole new side of gardening that propels her to bigger things.

#3 Seeds


Seeds are a great gift for gardening moms of all skill levels, they’re cheap to purchase, and are a present that keeps on giving.

When choosing seeds as a gift though, don’t just get drawn to the prettiest ones or tastiest vegetables, but rather think about the climate of your mother’s garden, how much time she has to tend to it, and her experience as a gardener, and let these elements lead to you to the best choice.

#4 Gardening Journal


All good gardeners have a notebook or journal where they keep track of what their plants have been up to.

You can purchase gardening journals made specifically for this purpose so that your mom can make notes on weather conditions, seedlings, harvests, and plans for her garden in the future.

A handy notebook is both practical and beautiful when you see the huge selection of journals that have been designed for gardening fanatics.

#5 Work Boots


Your mom might have a favorite pair of work boots or rubber clogs that she takes into the garden each day. Take note of what she wears and get her a new pair or an upgrade to something even better, and give her feet a treat.

Gardening can be tough on our legs and feet, especially as we grow older, so a comfortable and supportive pair of work boots is a great gift idea.

#6 Flower Kit


Flower kits can be purchased in many different categories but one that will make mom thrilled is a kit based on her birth month, giving it more of a personal touch.

You can purchase flower kits with a variety of flowers designed to suit the recipient and the month they were born, and it only takes a little bit of gardening knowledge to help them grow.

#7 A New Plant


Plants are the perfect gift for any time of year, whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Rather than a bunch of flowers that will start to wilt within a few days, she can keep a plant alive for years to come, and it will be a constant reminder of your love for her.

Choose the plant to correspond with your mom’s gardening prowess and opt for a hardy indoor plant if she’s just getting started with this hobby.

#8 Gardening Gloves


The modern gardening glove has evolved in leaps and bounds, and they’re now something comfortable and fashionable that’s worthy of being worn by your mom.

A gardening glove could be made out of bamboo, hemp, leather, or cotton, with so many cool features and designs out there to choose from. Make sure you measure right and choose a size that’ll be comfortable, though, so you can guarantee a perfect fit.

#9 Plant Markers


A plant marker is poked into the soil near a plant to specify what’s growing there, and if your mom is using old popsicle sticks in her garden, she deserves an upgrade.

You can now find beautiful and durable plant markersthat have been hand-painted and made out of materials like ceramic, so she can show off her garden with pride and make it look more stunning than ever.

#10 Hand Cream


Any serious gardener will be able to tell you how painful their hands get after a long day of toiling in the garden.

If there’s nothing mothers deserve more it’s to be pampered, so a refreshing and calming hand cream that they can apply after gardening is the perfect gift.

Choose one made specifically for gardeners if you can find it, otherwise anything with natural ingredients and a calming scent will be best.

#11 Compost Bin


A compost bin is a gift that has many benefits, including making a home more sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as giving you access to your very own fertilizer.

A compost bin is an ideal gift for a mom who likes to garden, or even one that cares about the planet, and you can go as basic or as grand as you like when choosing a design.

#12 A Book on Gardening


If your mother loves to read and garden, you can target both of their hobbies at once with a book on gardening.

The world of gardening books is vast and covers everything from farm to table growing to the basics of starting a garden for beginners, so you’ll be able to find the perfect read.

#13 Face Mist


When you spend a hot afternoon out in the garden, you want to do everything you can to cool down.

There’s only so much a cool glass of water can do, so if you want to turn things up a notch, why not invest in a refreshing face mist product for your mom.

These luxury sprays can be used any time of day, but work especially well when you’re hot and sweaty, and they’ll make mom feel beautiful after she’s been working in the garden.

#14 Gardening Apron


A gardening apron is a gift for the fashion-forward but practical mother, and these days, you can find stylish looks and on-trend designs that suit every taste.

A gardening apron can house her favorite gardening tools like spades and gloves, plus give her somewhere to wipe the sweat and soil onto while still looking like a million bucks.

#15 Flower Press


If your mom likes to get creative and she prides herself on her beautiful flowers, you can capture both of these passions with one beautiful gift.

A flower press will let her press the flowers she’s grown so she can keep them for years to come, and they make great additions things to greeting cards and correspondence, as well as a fun activity to do with the grandchildren.

#16 Garden Plot


Some moms used to garden but no longer have the green space to do so, and if this sounds like your mother, why not consider renting her a garden plot?

You can find spaces in community gardens and other areas that let you purchase or adopt a garden patch to take care of. This is a gift that shows a lot of thought and care and will keep her busy for years to come.

#17 Power Tools


To go further than the vegetable patch, you might want to invest in a range of power tools for your mom so she can keep the rest of her yard in just as good condition.

Accessories like electric lawnmowers, battery-powered leaf blowers, and gas-run string trimmers can all help them keep their yard in order and with minimal effort on their behalf.

#18 Gardening Stool


Being in the garden all day can be harsh on your joints and if you’d rather your mother gardens in comfort, a stool is the best way to do it.

Gardening stools are made for this very purpose and give a comfortable spot to sit while they weed, plant, and dig. Better yet, you can choose one with pockets for extra storage or a foldable style that can be set up with ease anywhere.

#19 Harvesting Basket


There’s no cuter way to collect cut flowers or fresh vegetables than with a harvesting basket.

These baskets are designed specifically for the garden and will help your mom carry her fresh produce from the garden to the kitchen, for everyone to enjoy.

Baskets can be made of steel mesh, canvas, bamboo, and just about any material you can think of, and they come in different sizes to suit how much you’re bringing in from the garden.

#20 Watering Can


Watering cans have come a long way, and they make the perfect present for moms who like to garden indoors and out.

A watering can is no longer just a gardening tool but more of a fashion accessory, as they’re made in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your mom’s personal taste.

Related Questions

A gardening gift is a great way to support your mom’s passion or help her develop a satisfying new hobby, but there are so many cool accessories to choose from out there.

If you want to learn more about gardening and the best way to start, check out these FAQs and their answers to point you in the right direction.

What Are Gardening Clogs?

Clogs are a popular choice in footwear for gardening, combining the ease of slippers with the durability of a workboot.

They’re commonly worn in the garden to protect feet from prickles, thorns, and sharp objects but most are waterproof so can be worn in all kinds of weather conditions and even in the mud.

Do I Need Gardening Gloves?

There are lots of hazards in the garden so it’s recommended that you wear gloves at all times while you’re working in it.

Gloves protect against harmful bacteria found in the soil, keep your hands safe from chemicals found in gardening products, and prevent cuts and scrapes from sharp objects like thorns and pruners.

When Can You Start a Garden?

A garden can be started any time of year, provided you’re choosing plants that suit the current and upcoming weather.

A cool-season plant or vegetable does better planted in early spring and late summer, whereas warm-season varieties grow better in late summer and late spring.



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